Singer Hana Hurka dies of Covid, voluntarily injured for not getting vaccinated

Czech folk singer Hana Horka has died at the age of 57 from Covid-19. She wrote on social media that she was infected voluntarily because she did not get the vaccine. Son’s attack on no vax: “I killed her.”

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She was infected voluntarily for not being vaccinated, but the disease eventually prevailed. Czech folk singer Here is your circle Died for Asonance Corona virus disease He is only 57 years old. A few days ago, she wrote on her Facebook page that she was happy that she had delta variable Because he was finally able to get back to living like everyone else. “Life is here for you and me too,” he wrote in the post on Friday only, calling on fans to do the same, and stressing that in this way she can finally go to the theater, cinema, sauna or on vacation. Then the sudden decline and the tragic end.

His group that announced the death did not want to reveal the cause, but was the woman’s son, Jan Rick, He is also a musician and a member of the Jilin Orchestra, confirming that it was Covid. Rick, again via social media, criticized some members of the movements no fax To question the seriousness of the epidemic, which prompted the mother to do what she did later. “I stole it , She based all her arguments on your theories. I despise you, you are an absolute waste,” Rick wrote in a later deleted comment.

The singer said that she voluntarily stayed in extended contact with some of her members family members He tested positive for the virus. They were vaccinated and the disease resolved within a few days, and she did not want to do so despite attempts to persuade her. It was January 13th. Then his condition worsened on the sixteenth. “I killed my mom. She won’t be able to come to my graduation, my wedding, or my son’s baptism,” that’s the cruel attack of the woman’s son on no vax that will affect her with their thoughts.

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