Zarzuela asks the Kings for a public kiss in San Valentin for the burial of Jaime del Burgo

Zarzuela asks the Kings for a public kiss in San Valentin for the burial of Jaime del Burgo

All of Spain knows very well that marriage Felipe I cheerful The duo is experiencing a crisis, at least from the moment Jaime del Burgo decided to speak out and reveal the alleged real reason for the major crisis they experienced in 2013, which almost ended in divorce. Neither Juan Carlos' misdeeds nor Nos's affair caused damage to their relationship, but rather the alleged infidelity. According to the lawyer, the queen was going to betray the king with him for several years. In case no one believed him, Thelma Ortiz's ex-lover provided chronological statements, but also threatened to reveal to the public all the evidence he kept in a safe and that one day the CIA attempted to rob him by ransacking his Swiss home. Hide videos, photos and messages Which can destroy a marriage.

His exact intentions are unknown, but judging by his final letters, it seems that Letizia, the supposed love of his life, is merely collateral damage. His intention is to destroy the crown and this is the way to destabilize the marriage. He no longer wanted Bourbon on the throne, as for him this dynasty was the one that impoverished Spain. He also did not want Eleanor on the throne. That's why he plans to destroy the Spanish Crown with his information. He's not afraid Threats or reprisalsalso not accepted Million dollar deals. He is preparing a book in which he attacks everyone.

Felipe and Letizia adhere to efe

Someone has started a smear campaign towards the royalty and it is believed that it may have been orchestrated by a third person, although it is not believed to be Juan Carlos, everything is very turbulent for him. Casa Real always tried to discredit Letizia because she managed to completely monopolize Felipe, and the king remained as a blurred image in the background. However, this has gotten out of control.

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Zarzuela begins a whitewashing campaign to improve the image of Felipe and Letizia

Zarzuela allegedly began a whitewashing campaign for the royalty. It is about showing themselves united again and trying to silence all the rumors about a bad relationship and a future divorce as some experts in the Royal House have already predicted. Two weeks ago, the royal family decided to send the royals to the movies, one of the typical plans they shared when they first started going out together. This Wednesday February 14, Valentine's DayAnd made them identical, too. They were sent to an event in Barcelona.

Letizia Felipe awarded the Princess of Asturias Award

In the morning, the King will be in the conference room of the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB) to hand over the papers of the 72nd batch of the judicial profession. Later he will be joined by the Queen, and both will attend the opening of Puig's second tower, in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

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