Noi forty years of Italian history

Noi forty years of Italian history

Everyone has a family. Every family has a story. “Noi,” the new Rai Fiction series, airing from Sunday, March 6 at 21.25 on Rai 1, is the story of the Peir family through the decades: of Pietro and Rebecca, a young couple in the ’80s faced the challenge of growing three children, to our days when Claudio, Caterina and Danielle search for their own path to happiness. It all started in 1984, in Turin. It’s Petro’s birthday. Rebecca, who is expecting triplets, begins to experience labor pains.
It’s a difficult birth, one of the twins doesn’t make it and Pietro, who has promised himself and his wife to leave the hospital with three children, makes the decision that will change the course of their lives: they adopt Daniel, a newborn. Black, abandoned by someone outside the fire station.
And so, in the past, we’d follow new parents Petro and Rebecca in the challenging task of raising three kids, then three kids and finally three teens. From episode to episode, we’ll discover them on a growing alert, torn between the love of family and the need not to sacrifice their dreams and ambitions.
Nowadays Claudio, Caterina and Danielle are looking for their own path: Daniele, a happy husband and father and a successful man, decides to look for his biological father; Claudio leaves a well-established career as a television actor to discover his own theatrical talent, while Katrina, tired of suffering from her weight problems, listens to her brother’s advice and decides to confront her to regain confidence. Each of them will find themselves facing pains and secrets that they did not want to face or were able to face at that moment, discovering themselves weak and at the same time stronger than they thought.
In the ongoing game between present and past, Noi is at once a story of family and country, a series that reveals how the smallest events in our lives can affect what we become, and how relationships and emotions can influence that. We build can overcome time, distances and even death.

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