Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Klein blue wall color: 10 ideas and photos with suggestions and original solutions to get acquainted with this shade of blue and apply it to the walls of the house. Solutions for the living room, hall, corridor, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with better combinations and how to create a relaxing corner or make a certain space special.


Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Art has always influenced furniture and design, above all thanks to the color and creative process of the artists and their stylistic research. From the perspective of Piero della Francesca, passing through Giotto’s ideal circle, the nuances of Leonardo and Pollock’s experimental movement painting, the search for individual style and color experiments It has very ancient origins.

Dyes have always been mixed Obtained from natural elements. The Phoenicians extracted purple from mollusks, while the Egyptians gave way to the first synthetic dye, or Egyptian blue (extracted from waste glass production with a copper base).

All these experiences allowed her to be Color itself to become a certain style line. He was one of the artists who dared Yves Kleina well-known French artist “Monochrome” in it is blue.

In fact, this particular shade has been renamed Electric Blue blue kleincan be identified as very viscous blue Represents heaven and earth (meaning sea). This fits perfectly on the walls of any room.

Let’s get to know each other Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures To highlight your inner place.

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

1. Total Klein Blue

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

If you are not afraid to dare and have a file Beautiful bright environmentCould you Use the blue Klein with both handsFrom walls to furniture accessories, through furniture to accessories. Make sure you have one though good natural and artificial lighting, In addition to the fact of research points of light Like chrome pot holder, ceiling lights or even halogen tubes.

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2. Klein Blue Entrance

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Klein blue door and roof Greet the visitor and face him through a specific floor made of Natural wood slats in white and Klein blue to ensure the continuity of the white wall Putting decorations and objects in context.

Here too, the main characteristics in addition to the blue are the main characters artificial lightsCeiling chandeliers with warm colors and natural light.

3. Corridor

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

You can use and dare Klein blue even in very narrow contexts, or in the corridor where there is a gray floor, linoleum or stone, with some details on the wooden walls. Give some light, comment some Photo in light colors or motifs in neutral colors and normal.

4. Mudflaps

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Fantastic classic to feature a Even a small kitchen. Also excellent for focusing on colorful details in an all-white and even uncharted environment. You can choose the most contrasting materials, even paint the wall with special enamel Suitable for cleaning and sterilization, or choose one Kitchen back panel in tempered glass.

5. Managers

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

very easy way Enter the blue Klein Without disturbing the living room too much: Hang a file Field which it contains. maybe one Reproduction of some of the famous artist’s work that combines wooden, gilded, black and white elements They can make the environment more dynamic and brighter. There is, too brightness It will be highlighted with this foresight.

6. Bedroom

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Although blue is the focus color, blue klein As claimed by its creator, it is a tone that refers to the sky and the sea as well Relax. Perfect for one person Bedroomswhich may be Rich in fabrics and decorations that focus on white and oil tonesperhaps enrich it with natural wood elements to bring the earth element.

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7. Relaxation Corner

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Klein blue is a great color to decorate the walls of the relaxation corner You rest in it and maybe read some books or magazines. make sure that chair lounge Or that the chair is comfortable, perhaps decorate it with a large pillow.

You can add a file small table To put a vase of flowers, a cup of coffee or the books you want to read on. Don’t forget the lighting, maybe with one floor lamp.

8. Black and Blue Klein

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Among the combinations that can be done with blue kleinIn addition to the classic white, you can also choose one black wall. Provided that the floor is light and the furniture or decorations are in stark contrast with the two colors.

If Klein blue is dominant, choose contrasting tones that focus on pink and redDecorated with a rug that combines black and blue in calmer shades.

9. Klein blue shades

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Total Klein blue on walls, but also in accessories such as armchairs, chandeliers, paintings, fabrics and furniture accessories.

A clever way to dismiss that wonderful nuance Thus proving that desaturating or darkening it in any way, can be truly versatile. The bright touch through natural light It is clear that from white.

10. Klein blue tone

Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Not everyone appreciates a full color wall, that’s why You can add it as an accent to the environment. For example, you can Coloring a wall cabinet or part of the wall, to highlight a particular angle. But make sure that there are no other strong shades to contrast the effect and make any attempt to beautify the room in vain.

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Klein Blue Wall Color: 10 Ideas and Pictures

Klein blue wall color ideas and photo gallery

Klein blue is the perfect versatile color for walls and prove it in our gallery. Get inspired by our suggestions, knowing that the best combinations for this color are tones like green, brown, white, black and gray if you want a natural effect. On the other hand, if you want a strong contrast, use warm tones such as orange, yellow, and red in all the existing shades.

Obviously, a blue Klein with all shades of white will soften and look well with modern styles or make a classic room contemporary. Use in moderation if you want to reproduce a vintage style.

Finally, remember that there are different shades of Klein blue. The lightest and most saturated that you can use to paint the bathroom wall or ceiling, without darkening or reducing the room too much and creating a stifling environment.

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