“That’s why I don’t feel like answering you.”

“That’s why I don’t feel like answering you.”

Arrived in the village of the tenth edition Temptation Island With 5 years of relationship behind them, 4 of which are cohabitation, Pearl Vatero And Mirko Brunetti They decide to separate after a fiery confrontation. The decision to end their romance was already on the cards during Benitos’ various stints. Indeed, the young businessman from Rieti showed himself closer to his temptation Greta Rossetti. On the other hand, the 25-year-old from Salerno expressed all her bewilderment and doubts from the first hours of the broadcast.

Even today, mirco More and more in love Greta. The two also got couple tattoos that sparked some controversy on social media. there Vatero She was dating her ex Igor Ziti.

PearlBeside Frances Sorrentinois one of the former protagonists of Temptation Island Most popular and followed on Instagram. There are many fans who have started asking the girl to open a question box to interact with her followers.

a few hours ago, Pearl He explained with some videos why he still didn’t want to answer their questions:

Good afternoon, how are you? I just got home. I’m a little tired, you can tell from my eyes between work and organizing my life. As you well know it wasn’t easy, it’s still hard. I wanted to tell you a few things tonight. The most important thing is that I really wanted to thank you all for the many super positive messages that you are sending me. Believe me, it may seem like a little to you, but they really give me a lot of strength to face the days, work and everything. I’m trying to read all of you. Now and then in the evening I put myself a little to bed, I try to read the letters, but precisely because they benefit me, I tell you from my heart.

Another important thing I wanted to answer is, you’re asking me “Perl ask box questions”. I have to be honest, at the moment I don’t feel like it. For I certainly believe that in answering one must express the truth of what one believes and at present I do not feel like exposing myself. However, I see that I am already going through a rather complicated period. Then even among the things to do, here are a little bit of everything. I don’t feel like doing that. And one more thing, I swear and promise I’ll try to do some proper checks on my clothes, maybe this weekend I’ll tell you how I’m going to dress. There it is, I promise. And the other little thing that I think about a little bit. Kiss.

Here you can watch the full video:

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