Nunzia Di Girolamo, a coup d’état: this is what the program triumphs about

Nunzia Di Girolamo, a coup d’état: this is what the program triumphs about

In Rai, the time has already come for the Summer Tables, which were presented yesterday – Friday March 17th – in Rome in the presence of President Viale Mazzini, Marinella Soldiadvertising, Carlo Fortes. Schedules concern programming starting next June 4, all while awaiting possible changes at the top of the rai. In short, things can still change.

But anyway, there is upside so far Nunzia DiGirolamoPresenter hello male Saturday night late evening on Rai 1, which is supposed to debut on Connect summer livesummer edition of live the life (Indiscretions have been trading in this regard for some time.) Together with her in management, very stressed Gianluca Semprini: After two years in command, in short, he’s still out of action Robert Capua.

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Even here Marco Lorney with chain reactionwhich is a great classic game that will replace it the legacy to Flavio Incina until December. And again, instead of Today is another day Here come responses Don Matteowhile Ladies’ paradise He will leave his place in the table, in this case as early as May, to the soaps Six sisters.

News also on Ray 1 in the morning slot, where Tiberio Timperi And Serena Oterithe unedited spouses, must appear with Summer morning. And again, in the afternoon, back camper to Tinto and Roberta Morrisaround her Marcelo Massy And some changes to the format.

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