La Passió de Cervera presents the new label and updates of the season – La Manyana

La Passió de Cervera presents the new label and updates of the season – La Manyana

There are only a few weeks left until the start of La Passion de Cervera and , This Sunday, January 14Some updates for this edition have been announced.

On the one hand, this year's photo has been officially introduced. Poster designed by Cervera designer, Ana Domingo. The artist claims to have created a poster that he describes as “more poignant and advertising.” Based on an image of a very specific scene of the Passion (the hanging of Judas), we sought to simplify the image to its maximum expressiveness, without losing representation of the scene. This way, only the basic lines are left, with the search for lights and shadows (just like the biblical story, the good/positive part and the saddest/negative part).

On the subject of colours, 4 flat colors were used, as spots, without shadows, which gave the scene more noticeable strength. The light colors of light blue and yellow define the lights in the image. Dark blue, shadows. The white color emphasizes the character's expression: the hand, the face and the rope around the neck (which will become the most important part of the scene). The red color of the background, apart from highlighting and accentuating the central image, comes to represent blood as life and strength.

Ana Domingo has been working as a Senior Technician in Fine Arts and Design in advertising graphics since 2000. He has done numerous works, among them those carried out by the Catalan Heritage Agency, the Network of History and Archeology Museums of Catalonia, the Regional Museum of Cervera, as well as the Balaguer Museum and the Easter Festival In Servera, etc.

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La Passion will open its season with many new features

As every year, Passionate Patron is working intensely to improve representation and continue to expand and retain the audience.

For this reason, the artistic direction for 2024 has been expanded to include 5 members: Tate Bonjoch, Jaume Mercadi, and Jaume Rosic, joining Gemma Bala and Mariona Dalmacis. In this way, the different directors will distribute the tasks in the art and artistic department, so that they can give more details to the scenes in all the picturesque areas.

This year, the commitment to renew and improve a significant amount of technical equipment also continues, especially with regard to lighting.

New characters will also be added, and work is underway to activate the third part of the work. In this sense, over the past two years, the management of La Passion has made an effort to give the performance more dynamism, and significant renovations and improvements have already been made to the first and second parts. Now, the third and final part is already being worked on to leave the entire functionality complete and up-to-date.

Advance tickets are available now

Advance tickets for the 2024 La Passion de Cervera shows are available now and can be purchased through the official website ( 2024 shows will start in March 17ç There will also be functions on the 23rd March 29C, 6, 13 and 20 April 2024.

Cervera's Passion is one of the busiest and oldest performances in Catalonia, given that it dates back to 1477, making it the oldest Passion in Europe. La Passion includes in its shows a large number of actors and actresses who bring life to the different characters and manage, in total, to mobilize more than 300 people among the artistic and artistic team.

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Cervera pain, a standard at European level

More than five hundred years of history make the Representations of Cervera's Passion the oldest in the world, documenting her birth in 1477. Due to the historical and social importance, in 1969, Representations of Cervera's Passion were declared to be of public interest.

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