Here’s how to impress your friends by walking on water!

Here’s how to impress your friends by walking on water!

A trick to impress friends and family you may not know but this one allows you to walk on water!

Non-Newtonian Fluids: When Matter Is Solid And Liquid!

We are in the height of summer, a period when you do not have to give up a comfortable swim in the sea or in the pool, but what would happen if your friends saw you walking on the water?

The last person to succeed in the project dates back 2,000 years, known in the name of Jesus, but today we are going to reveal an interesting trick to leave your friends speechless!

Fluids that comply with the laws of physics are called Newtonian fluids, while fluids that do not follow these rules are called non-Newtonian fluids.

On the web and on social media, a video of three young men intending to walk in an above-ground swimming pool is going crazy, and this is actually happening, but there A trick that few people know.

By adding cornstarch (cornstarch) with water, you get a solid liquid and a liquid.

This will depend on the force applied to the surface at the moment of contact.

Assuming you have to get into a pool of this type, you can gently dive into it, and if you apply strong pressure you can walk in it!

To do this experiment, you can use a small kitchen pot by adding products to 50%. If you’re going to get serious, you can always go to the first available store and buy a mini garden pool and make compost in it.

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This way you will leave everyone amazed when they see you walking on water.

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