GialappaShow: Magalli boss (vote 9), Salmi praises himself and cheats (vote 5)

GialappaShow: Magalli boss (vote 9), Salmi praises himself and cheats (vote 5)
Magali, Chief Conductor: Vote 9

“Experience the lucky coincidence of having a conductor tonight,” so Giancarlo Magali introduces himself to make it clear at once who is in charge. At the beginning of 2023, he was a guest on Verissimo telling us he battled lymphoma in the spleen. Today he is in better shape than ever and the fourth episode of GialappaShow gives him the chance to confirm that. Looks like Rai has a show waiting for him in the upcoming TV season. And that’s what we hope. The protagonist, Dai Gilabi, whose stated goal is to make Forrest boots. And so the show becomes a very fierce confrontation between the heroes, a real pleasure for malevolence. He treats “Mago” as a “human condition” because he is called “Michel like Avetrana’s uncle”, but also “for the drama of his desire to be a conductor despite it being short and diminutive”. With all due respect to body shaming, for once! Gherarducci and Santin mention him, almost always completely off-screen, when in 2015 he was almost a “candidate” for the post of President of the Republic (elections subsequently won by Sergio Mattarella). Magalli takes advantage of this so that he can finally deliver his inaugural address to the nation: “I have prepared it and always carry it with me.” He wins everything over with a flowery promise that is the true forbidden dream of every Italian viewer: “I promise to finish prime-time broadcasts at a decent time.” to vote.

Giulia Salemi gets along (but slips up on social media): Vote 5

Finally freed from the role of tweet reader as Gran Fratello Vip, Giulia Salemi gets the chance to show her cards to play in management. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it on top of broadcasts. This time, however, the GialappaShow, along with Forest. The episode runs almost smoothly with copious doses of self-irony: the influencer admits, in Gialappi’s direct question, that he could have gladly defecated into the soles of the first ranking Miss Italy, when she finished third in 2014. He doesn’t. rather denying the fact that he had given up studying the beauty contest, at the time of the announcement. good! Moreover, he distances himself from the book he unfortunately published three years ago. very good. Where is the error then? Unfortunately, Salemi is taking advantage of GialappaShow to write a very long Instagram post summarizing this TV season by listing all the commitments that have seen her co-star between Canale 5, Italia 1, Mediaset Infinity and now also TV8. Reading Revolver in its entirety, it appears that from September to today she carried the entire TV schedule on her feeble shoulders. Who knows what effort! It is a pity for others to recognize: he who praises himself is deceived. And Salmi, so he writes, wins the 2023 Alba Parietti squad. Too bad.

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Rabun v. “Freed Barbie”: Vote 8.5

Stefano Rabone is one of the pioneers of GialappaShow. The only one who has tried his hand at political satire, is played by the deputy government spokesman Galeazzo Italo Mussolini. Each episode only lasts a few minutes. But she is very fierce. On the occasion of this fourth day, he shrugs: he has to solve the headaches of some Alpine soldiers who allegedly touched Barbie. Galeazzo invites us to think, however, about how these “liberated Barbies” got around dressed up, even “with a skirt above the knee.” Then, he thought for young children: With the intention of making them understand “the serious problem of racial replacement,” he makes a terrifying gift. We are talking about “L’Allegra farm patriotica” in which all the animals, as soon as they press the appropriate referential button, emit a cry that recalls the nightmarish pronouncements. For example, the duck says: “Qua qua… when he was there.” Buried in the house by Pino Insegno’s busts (it seems like anyone who receives one sends them back immediately), he tries to survive by announcing important maneuvers like getting Latin back in kindergarten. Because “children must be taught the basic slogans on which our culture is based” and which the ancients would have passed on to us: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, “No ius soli”. The postal clerk’s dull air complements a character destined to remain in the show’s history. Thank you Rabun!

Valentina Barbieri disappoints again (even Ferragni is a failure): Vote 4

Sorry to shoot the Red Cross. But you have to do it. Valentina Barbieri, the new entry to GialappaShow does not fit. After his criminal impersonation of Francesca Vagnani in “Berve”, he tries to introduce a new character, Chiara Ferragni. Again, the similarity in manners and voice is almost striking. Unfortunately, the magic ends there. In one clip, we see a digital entrepreneur giving us a tutorial on how to crack an egg. He told him, “Think about the boiled one.” The decision is rather trivial and, in general, does not even cause a smile. A curious fact, if we consider that Barbieri’s impersonations on his Instagram profile have millions of views. The transition from very small screen to small screen hasn’t helped her, at least not yet. Leaving Francesca Fagnani “she”, this evening grapples with Sigmund Freud, we hope that sooner or later our character will be able to bring out the personality more. For now, it remains the transmission’s only real weak link. In fact, very weak.

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Fiorello’s surprising intercom, the crossover we deserve: Vote 10

GialappaShow does its best to apply for Program of the Year. In addition to successfully bringing comedy back to TV, the king’s card of special guests is now running: Fiorello. At the moment, he does not know what will happen. There are still people on Twitter wondering if it was some kind of collective hallucination. However, it has already happened. At the end of the fourth episode, for a few milliseconds, Ciuri’s song came out complete with Salvini’s impressive Che Guevara and Fabrizio Biggio shirt. Behind them is the legendary author Giovanni Benincasa. The trio peeks into the historic transmitter garage, ringing the intercom in the band’s studio. Will we see them as guests next week? If not, we already ask for moral damages in advance. Fiorello and Biggio along with the Gialappi gang, Forrest in the lead, is in many ways the crossover we deserve to see at the end of this unfortunate TV season. Will our heroes succeed? Meanwhile, wheezing. There is a week to wake them up. And now we feel we can enhance the whole process.

Changing plans will be a clash with the island final: 5.5 votes

We now have a lovely habit of following the GialappaShow on Sunday evenings. Exceptionally, the date is moved to Monday of next week due to a live sports broadcast. Rather bad. Except that by moving in this way, the program would conflict with the final of L’Isola dei Famosi. It’s one of the least watched editions of the Mediaset reality show, but this change of position in the timeline may still take a fraction of Gialappi’s share. They don’t deserve it. And maybe that’s also why they brought out the ace Fiorello for the next episode. is it enough? In the meantime, let’s enjoy some good news: somehow, the Mediaset archive has to be “unblocked”. This evening, in fact, we also heard Girarducci and Santin comment on the trash can of Isola dei Famosi between Christopher Leoni’s “Sigma” and Gian Maria Sainato’s golden rings. X Factor, Masterchef and Primo Apuntamento, at least for now, haven’t given up material worthy of Gialappi’s evil. Finally, another great comeback. And against “The Challenger” next week. It will be hard, and in all likelihood it will not end well, but daring should always be rewarded. Palaces go to palimpsest selection, and certainly not to Gialappi.

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Ubaldo Pantani is the wonderful Flavio Encina: Vote 8

Andrea Perroni had already thought of it in 2020 on Radio 2 Social Club, but on TV no one dared imitate Flavio Insinna. An incomprehensible fact, given how capable the conductor is of parody. Fortunately, Ubaldo Pantani arrived to fill that burning hole. ‘His’ is Insinna who appears on GialappaShow to ‘bring his bio’. a reason? “On TV, you never know how it works. Today you’re here, and tomorrow there’s Pino Insigno, that famous, notorious professional.” Meek and gentle at the same time, Insinna-Pantani defines himself as a “humble cobbler” and then takes on the whole public service with a very nice cudgel: “In Rai they don’t shoot you, they give you prime time. Maybe against De Felipe. It’s a trap! Then you want to Lay with a newspaper? There is a bill every day! Magalli bought the island of Elba with I Fatti Vostri! Having also praised the skills of the President of the Republic (almost) “in the shower”, the comedian takes his leave: he has to hurry to the bachelor party of the director of Tele Gallipoli. In fact, in the context of fictional television, it’s rumored that from January 1, 2024 Insegno will acquire the management of L’Eredità, effectively “snatching” it from the highly mobile Insinna the prime time show will go to, as a sort of sope. Evil Pantani is really fun. As well as able to gnaw through the tougher current events. Therefore, Insinna was added to his valuable imitations of Costantino della Gherardesca and Bruno Barbieri at Quattro Motel. It’s already time for… Triello!

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