Opinions of VIPs on Dana Saber – Big Brother VIP

Opinions of VIPs on Dana Saber – Big Brother VIP

After enjoying the bottle game, some Vipponi shared opinions about it Dan Sabir.

Atilius She declares that she greatly appreciates the model joining the group, and that she has put aside the tensions she had with some fellow adventurers to bask in joy and happiness.

pleasantwhich existed before Reassuring In her own little moment of despondency, she too declares her pleasure to see her laughing and joking with the rest of the group. “The bottle game brought us together.” She says very satisfied.

Daniel He expresses his thoughts on the model, and claims that in the past few days he has regretted seeing her sad and isolated from some of her classmates. But this night, thanks to a moment of lightness and friendliness, he too admitted that he saw in his campaign a new light and serenity that had almost been lost by time.

The dignitaries, who acknowledge that Dana started the journey in a very tense way between quarrels and very heated clashes, hope that this experience will be lived more lightly, just as shown in an aperitif evening.

Will the significant other be able to put aside the bad feelings and live their journey with the vigor that appears tonight?

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