Gf Vip 6, Manuel Bortuzzo confirms: ‘I’m totally single’

Gf Vip 6, Manuel Bortuzzo confirms: ‘I’m totally single’

Manuel Portozzo talk to It won’t happen againa radio show hosted by Giada De Miceli. The swimmer, among other things, returned to talk about the experience inside residence:

It certainly wasn’t an easy choice, precisely because I like it ALDO We come from a different context. What made me say yes is the truth of it Alfonso He wanted me, he knew I could do something different and give a great education and leave something different than usual. Something that will stay in people’s minds. The fact that people had seen a disabled boy in a wheelchair for months made things better known. I didn’t show, and, back to my nature, I took a quiet path. Fortunately there was ALDOIt was a wonderful discovery.

Around Aldo MontanoAnd the Manuel He said:

Now we’re one person, it’s like we’ve known each other for thirty years. My only connection was with reality, we understood each other so well that when we talked about sports it seemed like we weren’t even indoors. When he came out I said “Here I lose my reference point”, I can’t think how bad my condition is.

After the relationship ends with Lulu Selassie to me Manuel Several spindles have been attributed. Here’s how the swimmer wanted to answer:

I’m sorry, I don’t care but the people next to me love my ex Federica We find insults and articles. then my friend Julia Latin I knew a story six years ago and it became my new flame. I love her soul, by the way she is engaged. I also understand that they have to make a living writing some nonsense. Except that after the media experience I’ve had, they can be sure that I won’t say anything about my private life. Here because it was a love born on TV, it was a lesson to understand certain things. So now I’m single, for sure.

In addition to friendship with Aldo MontanoAnd the Borzozo Revealed to hear too often Janmaria Antinolfi. backwards Manuel Not heard anymore barrowHis other adventurous companion in the house:

I’d like to be able to see him again maybe and have a little chat. He is a very intelligent man, very interesting because with the life he has had a lot to say. They also turned him against me on social media, writing that he is with his sisters and against me. I couldn’t believe it, they wrote articles with people who said things and assumed they were his words.

In the end Manuel Talk about his future:

The goal I want to achieve is the Paralympics. We don’t want to fool ourselves with anything so we don’t feel bad, we train, and we know that hard work pays off.

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