Isola 16: Xia’s opinion in the first episode

Isola 16: Xia’s opinion in the first episode

Oh, finally some fresh air! Finally some healthy lightness, and finally that trash that you know is trash and isn’t pretending to be anything different. After six (infinite) months of puppetry Alfonso Signorini It really required something like that ilary plassi To raise us from annoyance.

Finally, a prime time when this horrible doesn’t ring in our ears”Vippooooni!“But, on the contrary, it starts with a little pit that isn’t too veiled (and who knows if he’s really innocent because last Monday’s hug would make us fantasize…).”From a columnist to lead a program that is a moment, believe me I know pretty well!jokingly Elari Immediately set fire to social networks.

and while Afonzo Climb into the chair assuming to make Gf VIP A suitable program for communicating important educational, cultural and social messages to whoever knows (just to get the exact opposite result, but it does nothing…), and to make random jokes in a loud voice if the live broadcast does not go as expected and if his puppets do not behave as he pleases, no plassi To stand as a teacher not really thinking about it, on the contrary. She is the first to hit herself and mock her own show, fully aware that she definitely doesn’t have a documentary on her hands but the trash we all need.

She has that innate (and very capable) ability not to take herself too seriously, which is why she’s perfect for a program like Celebrity Island. No awe for competitors, more or less known, no unequal treatment, no trace of two weights and twenty-four scales. For her they are all the same, and if anything is taken by the ass, she is always in the front row. Thus, at best, without many ceremonies and useless formalities. It should also be in any self-respecting reality show by the way.

Isola 16: Xia's opinion in the first episode

The choice of commentators fits perfectly, Vladimir Luxury And the Nicolas Savino. Not only because it is 90 pieces of historyIsland (He’s the author and host, she’s the winner, reporter, and columnist) and they give us anecdotes about previous editions (reminding us, for example, that Carmen de Petro She was the one who tried to break up Antonella Elia From Aida Yespica In the unforgettable fighting icon of the second edition) with the effect of delicious nostalgia, but also because they proved a wonderful harmony with each other.

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With the presenter who, devoid of exclusive character illusions (unlike everyone else…), he invited them frequently and of their own will to question. And they came up with the right joke at the right time, never cliched (a hint at best) but always on point. And the difference with last year (where everything settled on my shoulders Tommaso Zorziand if he was not in good shape, then it was the end) Everything was seen.

Submit the chapter. although Massimiliano Rossolino He made me infinite tenderness (and I loved his massive sarcasm at beating himself up for the clumsy and incomprehensible way he explained the clues to the outcasts, the same clumsy way we were to poolside quickly I guess…), I’m so glad he’s back two thousand. He’s not an emissary, he’s an emissary. He has timing, chatter and above all an excellent harmony with Elari, allowing them to get through even in the midst of the unexpected. We know it’s mostly in this reality show.

Isola 16: Xia's opinion in the first episode

Also interesting is the new pair-based mechanism. In the midst of so many programs that are always the same (a comforting aspect on the one hand of the average viewer who fears turmoil in his comfort zone, but on the other hand…che du pal*e, a sure!), a bit of novelty can help It makes everything a little more alive, creating new dynamics and giving life – hopefully – to exciting clashes.

And if the live shows in the past six months Gf VIP They seemed to me like Mabazon never finished, and yesterday’s episode almost flew. Practically miracle. And the credit is also due to the cast which, at least in these first tapes, seems very promising to me. I removed some items that I would gladly do without, others seem to me strict enough and cagakaz* or give us the trash we crave so much.

Isola 16: Xia's opinion in the first episode

Waiting for the couple landing which I believe and hope will give us more joy, of which it consists Edward And the Gwendalina TavasiMine Brave Last night they were Jeremias And the Gustavo Rodriguez.

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The first one actually won me out from the show clip, when he said that”It’s easy to get angry, but now I’m more mature and older. I chose my father to go to the island because he is my best friend. And it can help me manage things that I struggle with a lot, like people“.

The second is OK, but what’s sweet? It was obvious that his first thought in Honduras was for his grandson Santiago. “big kiss saints Who is watching me for sure“, Shouted,”you are my friend saints!“. koori, he is! Even if there are files Jerry They won (together) the groundbreaking test staying one step behind, as a good dad always does. “Leader JeremiasI accompany him‘, he said. Jerry Then he came back with a thought, emphasizing excitedly.My father is the most beautiful thing in the worldAnd nothing, I’m already their child from the first episode. Among other things I Rodriguez they are onIsland Like cheese over pasta, so I expect great things from them.

But they aren’t the only ones promising sparks. The former boxer is also among the most competitive Clemente Russo and his wife Laura Madaloni. With her who, from the presentation clip, has already given a glimpse into the pasta she is made of. “I have a fiery temper. I hope to be able to undo, or else I’ll see it black. We are not afraid of anything, it is others who should worry about us“.

Innovative from the start Carmen de Petro and son Alessandro Iannone. Their interaction was one of the funniest things in the entire episode last night. She’s the one who takes the chocolate out of her bra before she gets off the chopper, he’s the one getting annoyed at the wait and shoves her in the water, she’s the one who really wanted to name the sexy girl (fortunately for her immunity) he laid eyes on because”You should only have eyes for fish“Who is afraid of the mother of the mosquitoes. I love everything madly.

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But everything was great in the end. From Laurie Del Santo philosophical version (“Beauty is worthy of admiration because it does not last forever!‘, cried – more cunning than the innocent – at the sight of Estefania BernalWho wouldn’t let this poor man speak Marco Kokolo to that living formulation of the dual meanings of Ilona Stallerfrom sobriety Jovana Djordjevic which – which”When I want something I always get it. I want to win the island and I will win!“For those pastries from Nicholas Vaporidisof energy Floriana again That you don’t have cecio in your mouth not even mistakenly so selfish great seducer (cit.) from Roger Baldwin This – after losing him on TV last night – is really starting to get his revenge.

Who were the outcasts I would have been happy to avoid (although formidable competitors are always needed, otherwise we don’t know who to turn out)? At first Marco Melandri. But really hurry. I don’t understand why the unsuspecting quota should always be in this program every year, but for people who are able to say some nonsense with cabbage I will give it clarity. Not to mention the annoyance of his love life to me, which culminated yesterday with the ferocious laughter of his partner, in the studio, at the thought that Cicciolina Who knows what can teach him”tricksEye, joy, that According to rumors The risk he might then put into practice with others is too high!

And of course I would avoid myself too Antonio Zequila. I already raised it earlier, but then Gf VIP I just can’t see it. Convinced unenthusiastic, unnecessarily arrogant, incredibly embarrassed. An epidemic that we did not deserve, and we do not deserve it above all Floriana That of the combo with him would come out devastated, Borella. I’m also afraid it’s going to come out sooner than expected, because of this ballast.

Now, however, I have to prepare the popcorn for landing tavasi On Thursday’s episode. And I’m buying them a family size, this popcorn, on my own.

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