Morgan panics at Ray 1, the embarrassed Matano: “Not yet?”

Morgan panics at Ray 1, the embarrassed Matano: “Not yet?”

not corrupt Morgan. The volcanic singer, in fact, teased the afternoon of Rai 1, in an episode live the life Easter Monday, today is April 10th. In fact, Morgan was waiting for the release of the first episode of his new show, which is broadcast this evening in the late evening on Rai 2 in the new format. Stramorgan. But she didn’t come…

And so Alberto MatanoHe, the owner, showed himself surprised and concerned at one point: “He’s arrived? No? Not yet? So Morgan’s about to join us,” said the conductor, taking his time in the face of the delay. After another long waiting minutes, here it is: Morgan reveals himself together Pino Strabioliwhich made the couple run StraMorgan.

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The program will be broadcast for four episodes, all consecutively: from 10 to 13 April at 23.05. Morgan, at the registry office Marco CastoldiSpeaking about his new adventure, he explained: “We will hear a live music performance in its entirety where there is a youth orchestra of the conservatory and a rock band. They are guided toursTonight’s protagonist Dominic Modugno Meet Elvis”. Well, we’ll see.

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