Roberto Cavalli becomes a father for the sixth time at the age of 82: Giorgio was born

Roberto Cavalli becomes a father for the sixth time at the age of 82: Giorgio was born

FLORENCE, 2023 – A week ago this sweet message arrived on friends’ cell phones: “George was born! And everyone was so happy. Because the child is a son Roberto Cavalli and his partner for many years, Sandra Bergman, a former model, was born in Sweden.

A son was wanted with love by the couple and was born in Florencethe town beloved by the great stylist who is now enjoying these early days of the little home prince, the sixth of his children, in the medieval tower south of the town where he has always lived.

Roberto is 82 years old and Sandra is 38, forty-four years less, but their love is very strong despite the difficult experiences of recent years for Cavalli’s health. Sandra is always by his side, through thick and thin, and today he is finally the mother of this much desired son.

Before him, Roberto Cavalli had two children from his first love when he was young, Silvana whom he always called only with great affection Silvanina, whom they called Tommaso and Christiana. Then from the second marriage with Eva Maria Inter that accompanied him during the enormous stylistic success of the last twenty years, Daniele, Rachel and Robin were born. And now Giorgio, named after the designer’s father, lost when he was only four years old in Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni near Cavrigglia, was captured by the Germans from the Wehrmacht at the age of only 33 on July 4, 1944.

“I remember there was a knock on our door – the designer always remembers – I took it and never saw it again.” Then he returned with his mother and his sister Litta to Florence, to the house of their grandfather, the painter Macchiaiolo Giuseppe Rossi who lovingly nurtured them in his house in Riverdi.

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Now another Giorgio in Roberto Cavalli’s life, this sweet little son who gives him joy and happiness.

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