“I talked about cancer to calm him down” – Corriere.it

“I talked about cancer to calm him down” – Corriere.it
to Barbara Vicenten

The journalist talks about his illness after the letter published in “Libero”: “I discovered him in February and the operation was performed on the first of March. Now I have to do some treatments to avoid problems, but I do it calmly, let’s see how it ends”

with the letter Posted on the front page of Libero, Vittorio Feltri wanted to send a personal encouragement to Fides.After the rapper She announced while crying that she had a major health problem. He did it with his ironic and sarcastic tone, but added to it an unusual warmth. Perhaps the 78-year-old journalist, founder and managing editor of the newspaper, He revealed that he himself had a disease She recently underwent surgery to treat a tumor.

Why did you consider turning to Fides?
“I wrote that why. I know him, and I find out that he has this disease, and even if he does not specify what it is, it is understandable that it is definitely not a cold. So I wanted to encourage him on my way.”

He also decided to reveal that he had just had cancer.
“To be credible, I had to say I had a problem too. What would I care to walk around and tell my remembrance? It was to console him. Otherwise why would I say that?”

You wrote that you feel sympathy for Fedez, although you are completely different. What do you have in common?
“He is. He has a certain frankness that brings me closer to him and a way of doing things I don’t mind. Then I hate tattoos too, but that’s another matter. Someone with two kids, a wife… It seemed right for me to do something like that, I wanted to give him a little warmth and I think It would provide him with minimal comfort. For the rest, I don’t care what effect that would have. What other people think, at my age, I can care about.”

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Fedez urges not to feel depressed. How did you handle the diagnosis?
“It’s not that you jump for joy, but – I’ll be old knowing full well it can happen, at my age or even earlier – you quit at once. Then I did not do any spectacle: I went to the hospital, I had an operation and after half an hour I was discharged ».

When did you know about the disease?
“I found out in February and had the operation on March 1st, to the point where I still had a little pain. They found a lump in my chest. Despite being male I have a tumor typical of women, crazy stuff, I don’t have anything feminine at all. That I don’t have boobs, I’ve had breast cancer.”

What awaits you now?
“Now the surgery is done, now I have to do some treatments to avoid more problems, but I do it calmly and let’s see how it ends. I must admit that I have never had a psychologically depressive reaction, certainly not. I reacted, now let’s see a little. Usually these things end badly but it’s okay.”

Sometimes they end up well.
There are many people who have recovered and many who have gone to the cemetery. But when you have cancer, you think your injury is serious and you don’t care about others. To others you say “You’ll see that you can do it” and all these phrases are fake, consoling and annoying.

Have you always been convinced that you will never quit smoking?
“Cigarettes have nothing to do with it, even an idiot understands it. I do a comprehensive body test every two years, which is a terrible term. I told them they didn’t even notice I was a smoker. I have absolutely nothing in my liver, intestines, brain or lungs.”

Once, speaking of HPV, he also said, “Pussy does more harm than cigarettes”…
“These are pub jokes, I make them belittle everything, even myself.”

What was your experience with the healthcare system in Lombard?
“I paid for everything out of my own pocket because I hate public assistance.”

And who can’t?
“They are roosters, not my cock. However, Italian public health is among the least of the worst. But there are two things in life, health and money. Money is not an end but a means by which any pain in the ass is spared.”

When you leave this period behind you what will you do?
“I will not do anything. If the danger is removed I will be calmer. But I did not stop working even for a day, even on the day of the operation I left the hospital at 4 pm and went straight to work without saying anything to anyone. I don’t like talking about my dick, I did It’s for Fides.”

Will you and Fides be upset?
“I don’t know, we talked a few times. There is no camaraderie, just mutual sympathy. He is very young and this will also give him the energy he will need to heal ».

Why, even in the face of illness, there are those who write bad things and wish for the worst?
“Social networks are a dump where you can also find some pearls, but usually there’s just rubbish. I don’t care, I won’t even see.

Is his message to ward off crying and face disease?
“You can cry, too, but feeling sorry for yourself is useless. The emotion is human and the screaming comes to me when I see children in that war these days. Roughly, after about two years, I preferred Covid.”

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