June 9, 2023

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FAI Springtime Champions of Science and Culture: Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the South opens the doors of its historical museum

A journey between culture and science to discover the excellence of the Campania and Calabria regions.
On the occasion of FAI Spring Days, scheduled for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March, FAI Vesuvius Group The experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy, a regional and national concession, will open to the public.

A tour, conducted with Ciceroni® interns of ISL “Quinto Orazio Flacco” and ISS “Carlo Levi” of Portici, and ISS “Adriano Tilgher” of Herculaneum, with the aim of revealing the history and technological and scientific progress that has occurred in southern Italy’s interest and contribution to the development of IZSM Veterinary sector and epidemiology.

The Institute, which has always been involved in the research sector, encourages scientific initiatives with the aim of responding to the needs of the Region, in accordance with the higher ministerial and regional guidelines. Working in close synergy with the Campania region, Calabria region and other institutions in the sector (universities, the Higher Institute of Health, national and international research institutes, park authorities and other Zooprophylactic institutes), it leads to a wide scientific production in the sectors of animal health, food safety, environmental protection and human health.

In addition to admiring some artifacts from the Historical Museum, full of real testimonies that help to learn about the traditions and peculiarities of the authority, it will be possible to deepen the issues related to the ancient problem of Covid 19, nutrition and dioxins, which are part of the various research activities in which the Institute participates.

The visit is recommended for all age groups, especially for youngsters and children who will be able to live an exciting experience in a place that is not always usable in daily life.

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Moreover, on Sunday, March 27 at 12 noon, a track dedicated to institutions and journalists will be held, in the presence of representatives of the political, academic and military world.

Reservations for visits are mandatory via the following link:


It will not be possible to go to the site to enter tour visits outside reservations

Access is only allowed to people who have the enhanced green pass and Ffp2 mask. There are no toilets for people with reduced mobility, but it is possible for them to participate in the visit.