With the new ISEE, you’re there too

With the new ISEE, you’re there too

Italians are weary of expensive bills, but new government intervention is the salvation of many families.

The exorbitant bills put Italian families and businesses in extreme difficulty. Families are unable to move forward and many businesses are seriously at risk of closure.

Protests against the government were lively by families who feared for their future. But the government’s response was short-lived. Let’s try to understand what is happening.

strong government intervention

Italian families can’t go on because of that Increments in 2022 are about literally everything. From groceries to gasoline to bills: it’s almost impossible to make ends meet.

Consumer protection associations speak of a catastrophic situation for Italian families e Many are hoping for a universal basic income from the European Union. But before basic income arrives, it takes time and in the meantime the bills arrive anyway. On this front, the government intervened forcefully. The CEO, led by Mario Draghi, saw fit to reduce the cost of fuel at a discount of 0.25 euros per liter.

Fuel and bills: ISEE saves you

This was definitely a great shot in the arm of the Italians. But this discount on fuel will not last until the end of April. But the strong government intervention was precisely on the bills that represented the real Achilles heel of families. We remind you that before the Energy Decree, it was possible to receive a social bonus on electricity and gas bills Only by recipients of citizenship income Recipients of citizenship pension by those associated with life-saving energy-consuming machines And all families with ISEE less than 8000 euros.

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The old reward and the new reward

Thus, the old social bonus on bills saved only 4 million Italian families from rising prices. With the Energy Decree, the bonus has been greatly extended by taking advantage of the ISEE. In fact, with the new bill on the bills, the ISEE has been raised to 12,000 euros. What does this practically mean for Italian families? This means that beneficiaries pass through up to 5.2 million households. Therefore, the new ISEE will allow all these families to pay for electricity and gas Exactly how much did they pay them last summer?. These are the forecasts of MEF. But is there a possibility that the reward will be increased even further? At the moment they are just hypotheses.

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