Michael B Jordan reveals his ambitious plans for the future of the franchise

Michael B Jordan reveals his ambitious plans for the future of the franchise

There are only a few hours left until arrival Creed III On big screens around the world and at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles Michael B He threw the mask over what his ambitions for expanding the franchise are.

Jordan, who also made his directorial debut for the occasion, introduced the film’s offerings by thanking the entire cast for what they’ve accomplished in the past three years:

The journey over the past three years has been amazing. I never thought I could do what you impute to me. I never would have done it without the people in this great cast. It was a team effort. I tried every day to convince them. I wanted to tell them I didn’t do this just to get work done. And finding the truth in the Creed family was very, very important to us. So thank you guys for having my back every step of the way, even when it was hard.

The actor and director then hinted on the red carpet at what the future of the saga looks like now It is destined to expand additional. Jordan didn’t go too far on the subject but made it clear that he aims to create a custom real world:

You have the opportunity to build world of faith It’s a possibility that excites me greatly.

Words that refer to another branch of the franchise in several directions. Jordan had in recent weeks confirmed an investigation creed 4 Now confirmed, moreover it appears he’s personally involved with the announced spin-off titled the Dragon Currently written by a screenwriter Robert Lawton.

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Meanwhile, there are only a few hours left until the release Creed III. The script has been signed by Kenan Coogler And Zack PalinWhile he was the first film director, Ryan Coogler, on board as executive producer. This would also be the first film in the Rocky saga to dispense with Sylvester Stallone’s presence, as was widely expected by the actor himself, who nonetheless remained involved as a producer.

Michael B He will reprise his role as Adonis Creed Johnson for the third time, bringing back many familiar faces from the previous two films. In fact they will return Tessa Thompson in the role of Bianca, Wood Harris like Tony Evers, Florian Montino like Victor Drago, Phylicia Rashad Like Mary Ann Creed, Mila Davis Kent As Amara Creed, daughter of Adonis and Bianca, e Tony Bellew Like Ricky Conlan’s “Pretty” from the first movie. Among the new entries will be a debut in the franchise Jonathan Majors The role of Damien “Lady” Anderson. They complete the cast Selenis LevaAnd Thaddeus G Mixon And the famous Mexican boxer Sail Canelo Alvarez In as yet unknown roles.

Creed III It will hit Italian cinemas on March 2, 2023.

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