Wilma saved me. His Instagram story

Wilma saved me.  His Instagram story

Life is about moments. He knows her well Alicia Marcuse who, during an ordinary dinner in London, risked being choked by an octopus who had stopped in his windpipe. To her rescue was Wilma Faisole, the wife of Francesco Facinte and the father of his daughter Mia. The woman, without much thought, did the right maneuver to free her from the obstruction and save her life. A gesture he will definitely not be able to forget.

Alicia Marcusi on Instagram: “I thought I was dying”

Beautiful extended family, from Alicia Marcuse, based on mutual respect and affection. Timely intervention – and in cold blood – from Wilma Faysol And thus strengthened the relationship based on deeply held values, which has always been: “We were in a restaurant in London and while I was eating, a piece of an octopus got stuck in my windpipe. I can’t breathe anymoreI got up and started rolling my eyes and asking for help. Paulo and Tommy tried to free me by hitting me on the back, but nothing. panic. I really thought I was going to die, I couldn’t understand anything anymore, when Wilma took me from behind and pressed me hard, giving me a powerful blow on my sternum up. Suddenly I spat out that big piece that was blocking my breathing and was completely intact, and I started to swallow again“.

The episode occurred in front of A surprised look from the audience, who did not understand what was happening – and above all – what was the real danger to Alicia Marcuse: “All this in two minutes in front of all the people in the restaurant who did not understand what was happening. I will never forget him.” That’s right, I will never forget Wilma. Within a few minutes, or maybe seconds, I went from a state of intense suffering to a state of intense suffering
Full editing and I realized it could go really bad.”

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there Presenter next from Pomerisma Then she explained how efficiently Vaisol had behaved, being prepared by a first aid course held in America: “I promised myself to learn the Heimlich maneuver,” she declared, thanking again the woman who over the years had become a great friend. to her.

Shared love for Mia

Wilma Faisole is wife Francesco Facinti, ex-partner Alicia Marcusi and father of her daughter Mia. A relationship that has not stood the test of time but that had become In something different, a love based on the mutual respect and love they feel for their daughter who has become a wonderful young woman, with the eyes of a father and a smile of a mother.

It’s Facchinity’s eldest daughter’s love, which also fuels Wilma. The two are actually a beautiful relationship This does not affect what the child has with his mother, he is very close, but this accompanies her in growth and in this very difficult path of life. A second mother, almost, but she’s also one great friend Willing to bear the weight of all the great joys and disappointments that she will have to face when she grows up. With the complicity of her mother, Alicia, who has since held a special place in her heart for her friend, Wilma.

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