Inter, interview with Paolo, the fan cries after Arnautovic's goal

His reaction after the Austrian's goal against Atletico Madrid went viral on the Internet: “I'm not afraid to cry. That's why I was so touched…”

Everyone echoed his tears. And also from the Champions League Instagram account. His name is Paolo Fioravanti and he is the fan who was affected after Marko Arnautovic's goal against Inter Atletico Madrid. Spontaneous reaction from the heart without noticing the cameras: “As soon as I left the stadium I found myself inundated with messages: I didn’t understand why.” The sentiment united the Inter fans, and the wave of affection led him down on social media: “But thanks to my daughter, I took care of it.” He is a fan of the Nerazzurri at the moment, even abroad they consider him an example of passion for football and romantic attachment to his shirt.

Paolo, did you really not notice anything?

“Not on the pitch. After the match, I saw many messages: 'What a thrill', 'What a beautiful shot'. I didn't understand. I was on the pitch with my 18-year-old son, who told me.” Me: “Dad, my cell phone is dead. My friends saw you on TV.”

Her son calls her “daddy” and the accent is clear. But do you live in Tuscany or Milan?

“I am a small fruit merchant. Among other things, sometimes I have to get up at two in the morning, and this happened on Tuesday, the day of the match. At one in the afternoon, my son and I left to go to Milan, and at six in the evening we stopped before riding The bus. “In fact, I went to sleep 27 hours later without being able to rest much.”

If this isn't love…

“In this life we ​​need emotions: Inter cannot be to blame.”

Why did Arnautovic's goal affect you so much?

“My son and I were in the first team, and we saw Arnautovic's two mistakes up close: especially after the second missed goal, Marco was in a daze. He was going to bury himself. And he managed to score: that particularly amazed me.”

So joy, but also sympathy towards the footballer?

“It's true. I've never had a problem laughing or crying, even in front of my family and friends: if I feel like crying I do, and I don't consider it a show of weakness. I'm 183 cm tall. “A tall man, 110 kg. And yet it goes like this. Even during the Sinner final at the Australian Open, I was impressed: 'It's a sport.'

Did you know that you are now an example of real, healthy and romantic cheerfulness?

Do you often feel passionate about Inter?

“I cried for the last time after the final in Istanbul, and it was bad for me. I'm convinced that if we had gone to extra time we would have won. While the last tears of joy came after the Euro derby: it's lust and emotions that you have to carry with you forever.”

What is interior?

“That's it. Anyone who wears an Inter shirt is the best in the world. Look at those who are there now, those who left did not understand where they were.”

In your opinion, does Inter transmit something special that arouses emotion, as in your case? Or are all teams capable of eliciting reactions like this?

“No, it's just Inter. Liverpool comes to me as a comparison. But in Italy I don't see a possible comparison: we're crazy, we haven't won and we haven't lost until the referee blows the final whistle. We fans have seen a lot.” :We are capable of doing anything. For us, May 5 is 2002 and 2010: opposites together. Before reaching the finish line, nothing can be said. Even if I thought the tournament was now over…”

Where does your support for Inter come from?

Now the team must complete the mission, and qualify for Madrid.

“I don't see how they can eliminate us: we are superior. But as I said before, I won't go far: we are Inter.”

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