Atalanta – Manchester United, Gasperini: CR7? He’s cool but I sent him to that country.”

He is satisfied Gian Piero Gasperini At the end of the match, Atalanta against Manchester United drew 2-2 with the last mockery of Cristiano Ronaldo (a goal in recovery in the first half and a goal in recovery in the second half): “What did you say to him at half-time? Go to that country – he says laughing – He’s a crazy player, someone managed to say it’s a problem, and she has problems like this…In the match: “It was a great evening, in the end Ronaldo’s goal arrived, which is a great achievement, but we played a great game. If we had won, it would have been the best, but we came close.” Pride is too high, we are 80% happy, sorry to score in recovery, it would have been an achievement He would have given us a big boost towards the second round but there are still some chances of qualifying. With six points the qualification is an athlete, Fortunately we have the ability to rely on our results Even if they are tough matches with Villarreal and Young Boys.”

“Between the round trip we collected a little”

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Atlanta – Manchester United 2-2, goals H

After taking the lead with Ilicic, Atalanta struggled to equalize Ronaldo just before the break, a goal that could have cut the legs: “In the second half we resumed work knowing that the match would be difficult until the 1990s, we have been lately. Scoring goals when we are dealt, But This means we have room for improvement – explains Gasperini – Even in the final goal there were two female visitors, but then we have to see what we have done well and we should be proud. Obviously if we had scored the third goal we would have closed itIt was the same in the first leg. They have quality, they have players who know how to kick and are good at aerial play. We never gave up in the search for the third goal, in the second half the match seemed to be in our hands. Let’s say we collect a few from the two games we’ve playedOh “.

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