Denver Miami 108-111 in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, 1-1 in the Series

Denver Miami 108-111 in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, 1-1 in the Series

Down by 8 at the start of the fourth, the Heat put together a 15-2 run that turns the game around: winger points, zone defense and plenty of heart are crucial. Jokic’s usual space is not enough for Nuggets

Incredible Miami. In unexpected fashion, Heat, down 8 lengths at the start of the fourth period, tied the score in the series. Florida takes a very strange game-2 scores 15-2 early in the fourth quarter and wins 111-108. Jokic’s absolutely unstoppable 41 points sometimes isn’t enough for the Nuggets, so Miami returns the series to Florida at 1-1 and owes Denver its first home defeat in this postseason.

the match

Coach Spoelstra failed to recover Herro but in Game 2 shuffled the deck and decided to include Kevin Love in the quintet. Centimeters of the former Cavs help and Miami get off to a great start, also taking advantage of Denver’s mistakes in offense. Strus, who came back from 0/10 in the first game of the series, unabashedly pops and immediately goes on target with his first two triples, The Heat, meanwhile they’re up to 10-2. Jokic understands he has to get productive and starts to put the Nuggets offense on his shoulders, but Miami plays well and gets a double-digit lead. But in the last minutes of the first quarter, the hosts find stability in the attack and get closer. The spark comes from a hyperactive Brown whose energy becomes infectious. Denver closes the first quarter with a three length lead but with Jokic taking a breath off the bench it becomes devastating at the start of the second quarter. Brown, Brown and Green provide an unexpected production for Coach Malone, Miami becomes highly predictable on offense and the Nuggets change gear.

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Turn and run

With the Serb on the bench, Denver had a 16-3 lead early in the second period turning the game’s direction. Miami drops to -15, also because Colorado’s defensive intensity increases dramatically, but somehow manages to stay alert thanks to Vincent’s stellar plays and Butler’s alternating current. However, Denver still controlled the game going into the second half leading 57-51. As in Game 1, Miami returns from the locker room in the right way, moves the ball well and with threes from Vincent and Love gets the hosts back. However, the problem with Coach Spo is called Jokic. With the offense stuttering, Denver relies on Mvp plays and the Serb puts on a show. Spoelstra tries everything to slow Jokic down but in the third quarter Denver’s big guy does his thing. Butler continues to shoot with bad proportions, Vincent isn’t enough and as Jokic baskets space (18 points in the third break), Denver stretches to go into the final quarter with an eight length lead. It appears to be a precursor to a crucial acceleration by the Nuggets, however, Duncan Robinson suddenly lights up and a 10-point lead in just over two minutes puts the visitors back in front.

The last quarter

Miami shows again this postseason that it has personality to spare and opens the final break with a 15-2 run that silences the ballpark. The inertia of the match drastically changes as Denver struggles against the heat zone and on the other side of the court can no longer slow Butler and company down. The refs get really strict and start booing everything, so Miami gets a bonus already at 9’17” from the siren, and Denver fumbles despite Jokic. The Heat gain confidence and run away, until it hits +12 with Martin’s triple with 3’39”. It feels like a rollercoaster referee but Denver doesn’t raise the white flag and scare away the away team with Murray’s triples. The Heat didn’t shut it down and Denver made it to -3 with the Canadian trying, one second after the siren, to make triple overtime, however, finding only an iron. Miami breathes a sigh of relief and goes 1-1 with Game 3 scheduled in Florida on Wednesday.

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Denver: Jokic 41 (14/23, 2/5, 7/8 TL), Murray 18, Gordon 12. Rebounds: Jokic 11. Assists: Murray 10.

You used to love me: Vincent 23 (4/6, 4/6, 3/3 TL), Adebayo 21, Butler 21. Rebounds: Love 10. Passes: Butler 9.

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