Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi: Separation release: ‘Marriage is over’, ‘Inevitable pain’

Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi: Separation release: ‘Marriage is over’, ‘Inevitable pain’

Rome Love doesn’t last forever, but The lie will last as long as it is a reality show. When Elari Place She appeared on TV trying to deny the crisis with her husband Francesco Totti And attacking the journalists who wrote about it, he already knew that with the shutdown of the program he was about to start, TheFamous Islandhe had to admit that it wasn’t the reality contestants who crashed, But his marriage.

At 21.08 Ilary’s press release, there is no longer a joint press release

And so her statement came two hours later, late and a bit nervous.

After twenty years together and three adorable childrenMine Marriage to Francesco is over. However, the path of separation will remain a private matter and no further data will follow me. I urge everyone to avoid guesswork and, above all, respect the privacy of my family.” Thus Elari Blasey announces the separation.

Now Elari Blasi will leave Rome for a few days with her children: she has decided to stay away from thoughts, words, bustle and questions.

Totti, 12 minutes later: ‘Breaking up from Elari is the inevitable pain’

Totti’s statement comes shortly after. “I tried to overcome my marriage crisisbut I realize today that the choice of separation, though painful, is unavoidable.” And as always he talks about Christian, Chanel And the Isabelle: “Everything I have said and done in recent months has been said and done to protect our children, who will always be the top priority in my life. I will always be close to Elari in raising our three wonderful children, always with respect to my wife. I have the utmost respect for our privacy, and especially for the calm of our children.”

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photo From

While the lawyers prepared the weekly joint statement From She posts pictures of Totti walking out of Noemi’s house. Where he arrives with a friend and stays most of the night. Pictures that embarrass the couple before the note. They delay the issuance of the note.

Totti is not looking for dribbling

The crisis was now irreparable: Totti is having an affair with Noemi Bocchi for more than a year. He did not hide even after the fuss of the first rumors about the crisis with his wife: he is now a stable husband with the blonde girl. she was Tiranain the Conference League final, was a Monte CarloThe location of the former player’s heart. When the case broke out in February, Totti asked Noemi to be patient and judgmental. He gave her a wonderful bracelet, a model that can never be removed: it was a message.

extra time

The couple, without much condemnation, tried to stave off rumors. But it only prolonged the crunch time that forcibly entered Totti’s house when he stopped playing. The former Giallorossi captain, who relied entirely on his wife during his seasons as a footballer, felt uncomfortable giving her almost complete control of the family. Connect with Sister of Elari Blasey, Novelist, Book, Documentary also. Many friends, even historical friends, are less present and less.

Noemi, the new love of Francesco Totti

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Years ago, with a strong dose of self-ironyEllary Blasey She described herself as “the most controversial in Italy for people”, hinting “Nobody thinks I can have a boyfriend in Milan?”. As for the Weekly who this happened: It was not Noemi, but a muscular man with whom the presenter began dating and exchanged several messages with whom she did not delete: Totti – according to the Weekly – checked his wife’s phone and it was the beginning of the end. An episode explaining the vague statement of a close friend of Totti who was trying to explain the crisis: “He understood who you are.”


On the Division of the estate of homes there was harmony. In the villa of more than 1500 square meters in euros, near the shopping center, children should stay. Unless there are joint custody and alternate management agreements, she will remain with Elari Blassie. The euro houses scattered, starting with the attic in Amsterdam where the couple have lived for years, are almost all located in VitoloniaTotti Real Estate Company. Blasey bought one himself always the same way. It will divide them a lot. It will remain to decide what to do with the house in the sabudiyeh: it is very close, and there are also family and friends. Totti will not go there with his new partner, if anything he will only go there with his children.

Totti and Elari: Homes, patrons, and businesses, this is the empire of the former golden couple. Division begins

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