November 29, 2022

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League Two: Brescia Benevento and Lecce 2-2, beating Parma. Speranza Crotone, Frosinone Falls. Monza wins 3-0 and takes third place | Other Italian Championships

Not just the Champions League. Today I stay there too b series, with shift 30, in the middle of the week. Seven matches are scheduled for tomorrow, six of them are postponed It’s 18.30 it’s a At 20.30: The big match He is undoubtedly a Rigamonte, 2-2 finished between Brescia De Inzaghi and his former team, the Benevento Caserta, with the Lombards unwinn in four games and at -2 from the top and Campania in six matches (4 wins and two draws), in sixth place at -2, is eager to follow the direct first division. Besoli, Tello (later expelled), Moreio (7 goals in Serie B) and Forte scored. Also in the field Lecce, 2-2 at the end there is chance Cosenza+3 for direct landing, With Coda goals (18 in the b, then missed a penalty), Milico, Larrivi and Blaine in the 96th minute, before the red to Besoli. Play a playoff challenge also from Scida between Crotonat -4 play-offs, who won 2-0 thanks to the penalty kick scored by Marek and Golimic against him Frosinone de Grosso, fighting for promotion; The Produces Vicenza 1-0 col ParmaA negative surprise for the season and without a knockout of 6 matches, including 4 draws, due to Totino’s goal; A match between two teams chasing the playoffs between them Fort And the Regina0-0 only, while como And the turnneytied at 38 points, is relatively calm and is now far from the bullish zone, stopping at 1-1 with the signatures of La Gomina and Salzano. It’s 20.30 Then Monza stroba, 3rd place at 54chasing first and second places, winning 3-0 in a tough away game Alexandrianot safe in lower areas of the rankings, thanks To goals from Ciurria, Gytkjaer and Di Gennaro.

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