Swimming World Championships: King Paltrinieri 1500 leads Italy – Sports

Swimming World Championships: King Paltrinieri 1500 leads Italy – Sports

The World Swimming Championships in Budapest 2022 will remain in the history of Italian sport, and not many of the world champions’ medals – nine of them, five gold, two silver and many bronze – were brought in by an expedition of blue champion and icon and driver who is its captain, Gregorio Baltrinieri. Champion Emilian dominated the 1500 race, reclaiming the gold he had in 2015 and 2017, also setting the European record, and was the inspiration for the many young champions who were able to emulate him, such as Thomas Ceccon, Nicol Martinenghi, Benedetta Pilato, Simona Quadrella.


The height of the emotion in the afternoon at the Duna Arena was the 1500, which saw the King return to the podium. Paltrinieri, after the disappointment of the ’80s, went into the gritty pool and dominated from the first strokes, setting the new European record at 14’32” 80. This is a dream – he commented warmly. They told me that I was quoted at the age of twenty-six and I thought: How dare they! I know I can compete this way, I knew I deserved these times and I proved it.”

Italian Gold in Men’s Mixed Race 4 x 100

The world championship he played is not over yet, because from tomorrow he will start attacking the podium in the open water, but it is certainly already unforgettable. Greg gave the word “there” to his children, Thomas Ciccone, Nicolo Martinenge, Federico Bordiso and Alessandro Merisi. Their 4×100 mixed relay won a gold medal alone worthy of a world championship in terms of team value, size and importance. The team, which had already taken bronze at the Olympics, proved its worth: world champion Ciccone and Martinenge opened backstroke and breaststroke in 51″93 and 57″47, Burdisso swam the dolphin in 50″63 and gave the change in Miressi with 4 tenths of an advantage over Ryan Heald. The blue sprinter swam at 47″48 and closed in with the European record 3’27” 51, beating the USA and Great Britain. Previously, there was a podium and back with Ceccon, who finished fourth in 50 backstrokes but went to the medal for disqualification American Justin Reese, then the jury requalified her with the consequent relegation to the Blue Center.

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Silver Pilate in 50 Frogs of a Woman

Benedetta Pilato won the only silver medal today in the 50th Frog Race. The blue champion in the 100 was the front-runner but was mocked by Lithuanian Ruta Milutite, winner of everything ten years ago and bronze in the 100. “I couldn’t do less. I get it these days – 17-year-old said -. It was the start. Wrong too and I was nervous. After I set the world record in the spring of 2021 the pressure increased. I bet everything in this race. It was a surprise 100. I’m happy with the medal anyway.” In the last race of the event, Pilato competed in the mixed relay race. 4×100 women’s, but Italy stayed far from the podium. Small disappointment in the first World Cup without Federica Pellegrini who, however, exceeded expectations. Unbelievable day for Italian swimming! – commented on Twitter, Undersecretary of Sports, Valentina Vezzali -. You didn’t win much at the World Championships! Amazing Greg Paltrinieri, gold and European records. You’re right, never give up, not even when they give you 26 to 1!”.

Appeal from the United States, after the awards birthday comes fourth
Blue Thomas Secon, who finished fourth on the final day of the world championships in Budapest but took the bronze after disqualifying American Reese, drops the world podium with 50 backstrokes. After the awards ceremony, with Ceccon on the podium, the United States resumed, and the jury accepted it. So the gold went to Reese, the silver to his compatriot Armstrong, who had already had the most expensive medal around his neck, and the bronze to the Polish Macyuk.

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