Nintendo Switch 2, delayed to 2025 is really bad news

Nintendo Switch 2, delayed to 2025 is really bad news

It seems to be launching Nintendo Switch 2 He was Delayed to 2025If this is confirmed, it will be really bad news: not only for Kyoto House, but also for the gaming industry as a whole.

It is no coincidence that a prominent analyst like Matt Piscatella says: Nintendo Switch 2 in 2025 will be devastating for this year's market, which as we know is dealing with the consequences An increasingly apparent crisis.

This is evidenced by the numerous layoffs that have been implemented over the past few months, in some ways due to the numbers of drug addicts returning to normal during the pandemic, and in other cases to A model that no longer seems sustainable Not even for the main actors.

From this point of view, PlayStation and Xbox seem to have come to the same conclusions: Although the concept of exclusivity is important for identity purposes, today depriving oneself from a large part of users for reasons of principle only does not represent the best strategy and therefore it is necessary to open up, even partially.

Here, in such an uncertain scenario The launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 could have brought order and revived enthusiasmhelping to make the entire industry grow again and fanning the flame of passion that we can't let fade away.

Will it be maintenance in 2024?

Nintendo Switch Up, the concept created by Olivier Raymond

The biggest fear is that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be delayed, apparently because… Delay in game development Which would have made up the console's launch lineup, leaving the Japanese company exposed to a 2024 year that could at this point be purely maintenance.

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Yes, we have confirmation of the arrival of two first-party Xbox games, Pentiment and Grounded, at the moment, with a big question mark regarding the much-rumoured Hi-Fi RUSH, as well as other announcements of third-party titles released during Another Nintendo Direct, but I Nintendo first party?

Those They may actually be missing Due to the resources used in the launch process, it appears that it will not take place before next year. How do you see this situation? What does the Nintendo Switch look like in 2024? Let's talk about.

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