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rome \ aise \ – The increase in the cost of electricity and gas bills and fuel prices is the clearest sign of an energy crisis that has afflicted our country and other European countries. At the origin of the increases, there was a complex series of reasons involving the transition to renewables and the lack of a common EU policy. Then the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war aggravated the situation, especially for Italy, which was highly dependent on supplies from Moscow. This complex situation is discussed in Almanacco della Scienza, Cnr’s press office magazine that has been online for a few days. here.
Under the microscope, Giampaolo Vitali of the Institute for Research on Economic Growth and Head of the European and International Relations Unit in Brussels Luca Moretti examined respectively the picture of energy sources in Italy and the registered department in Europe with regard to nuclear energy, while Luca Pardi of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Processes focuses on the adoption of Italy on Fossil fuels and Mario Bagliaro of the Institute to study nanostructured materials on the potential of alternatives.
The geopolitical scenario is at the heart of the contributions of Nicola Armaroli of the Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoactivity, which focuses on the availability of strategic materials such as rare earths and lithium, used in rechargeable batteries, which Andrea also talks about. Denny of the Institute of Geosciences and Georesources, which is collaborating on research on the extraction of this element in Ukraine, and Antonio Serrassa of the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation, regarding its use in the medical field, against bipolar disorder and depression. Another material used for electric car batteries, graphene, is spoken by Vincenzo Palermo of the Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoactivity.
Francesco Sergey of the Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies explains the Mission Innovation Smart Grid project, while Ente President Maria Chiara Carrozza and Director of the Institute of Plasma Science and Technology Daniela Farina spoke about the Jet project, which has had recent successes in nuclear fusion. Which returns with the global café promoted by the Rfx Consortium in further research, where space is also allocated for the “Agrisolare Park” tender and the “Expoconfort” conference for the renewable sector.
Finally, the new terms associated with the energy crisis and climate change were examined by Paolo Squilaciotti, director of the Italian Opera Institute of Vocabulary.
The issue is then taken entirely face-to-face with Francesco Staras, CEO and Managing Director of Enel, and in the editorial. We’re still talking about energy in the videos, with Silvia Colella from the Institute of Nanotechnology talking about photovoltaic coatings and Nicola Armaroli about hydrogen colors. And in the reviews, with the Sky Nature “Earth Effect” by Francesca Michielin and with Il Nodo di Gordio magazine. (aise)

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