“He’s Out in the First Episode”: Big Brother Ultimatum | An earthquake between the authors

“He’s Out in the First Episode”: Big Brother Ultimatum |  An earthquake between the authors
Alfonso Signorini (screenshot image by Mediaset Infinity) – belligea.it

Right outside, the Big Brother authors don’t know how to do it: On the Internet, they hatch an infallible plan.

The start of the new season of the reality show Mediaset big brother We almost got close and the authors had to make an effort to follow the network’s new directions.

In fact, change advertising mediaset, with the acquisition Pierre Silvio Berlusconiled to some results that also take the form of compositional changes to achieve Big brotherFrom the choice of characters to the method of narration.

In fact, the idea would be to focus more on the stories of the film’s protagonists Cinecittà’s housestories that can involve the audience up close.

Perhaps this is the reason for the choice relapse on very famous person, a italian olympic champion, with date a lot singular form: there resolution, but, It made many turn up their noses Among the critics of the future participant.

official competitor

just in the last few days, News that Among Big Brother’s competitors will be Alex Schwazer, Italian walker and Olympic champion. for him date That’s a lot controversial, And they are numerous detractors And fans.

How do you participate? schwazer, Actually, it comes Steroids, An activity that cost him his exclusion from competitions for a long time. Schweitzer’s actual guilt is not fully understoodIn fact, the investigations would have found some cases of alleged forgery. everyone The episode remains In any case Confused, And the, Unfortunately, After the accident, whether it was at the athlete’s risk or not, Schweitzer’s reputation has declined sharply, and his discredit remains today for many.

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Alex Schweitzer
Alex Schweitzer – belligea.it

Schwazer interrupted

I arrived at once the official from sports participation, despite of road penalty against him Italy He was Archived – He was even a guest Sanremo Music Festival in 2021 – a lot users On the Internet they began to do so Complain out of existence.

Not only that: some groups of people who have a strong hatred for Alex have begun to do so Plan to take him off the reality show immediately using the TV tool; “made out of loop”writes one user.

There is a lot of excitement for the new edition of gf And Alex Schwazer’s haters, one might assume, have an enthusiasm that will wane when the show actually begins. What is certain is that Alex will be able to entertain his fans It’s likely Invades Also this slice to general it Still He is not well known for his sympathy and human warmth.

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