Deadlines, but the company often leaves

Deadlines, but the company often leaves

More and more chaos about Superbonus 110% and all house bonuses.

The world of home rewards should restart in force after the multi-credit transfer capability is reopened. In fact, many hope for it.

government after knowing 4.4 billion scams He granted only one loan, and construction sites stopped in half of Italy. But does the new sale of Multipla stocks actually restore hoped-for momentum?

Disappointment from construction sites

According to many, there is talk of extensions but in fact the problems lie precisely in the legislation for the allocation of credits.

Poste Italiane closed the platform for allocating credits that fear many questionable credits which were piling up very easily. After the new legislation the platform was opened But it became clear at this point that multi-assignment was changed forever. In fact, the new assignment of credits is accompanied by a seal that follows the credit through all its few steps and neither of them prevents a split.

unattractive credit

Therefore, new credit becomes very unattractive to the bank and this explains why Poste Italiane has created a new, highly deterrent platform For those who want to sell bonus credit. In addition, the government promised very strict controls. The penalties will be equally severe. For a certified technician who miscalculates, you can get a fine of up to 100,000 euros and imprisonment for up to 5 years. It is certainly no surprise that the construction world confirms that bonuses are no longer as attractive as they used to. But even if the house bonus is extended to 2025, there are many companies that are generally giving up their jobs.

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Companies leaving their jobs

Definitely an incorrect practice but it often happens that you realize it after signing the contract Regulations have changed and prices have skyrocketed There are not a few cases in Italy where companies refuse to meet their obligations. In short, a really thorny situation for the construction sector which had hoped to be able to actually restart with the new legislation. But the massive increases that come with the war in Ukraine and fearsome Russian underdevelopment are exactly what has made many argue that the home bonus has become really uncomfortable.

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