GF Vip destroyed, Valeria Marini alive

The great slip of GF Vip captain Alfonso Signorini unabashedly and without reason humiliates poor Valeria Marini with a totally inappropriate comment. That’s what he said.

Alfonso Signorini and Valeria Marini –

Alfonso Signorini has recently been subjected to many criticisms of him because of his attitude towards him big brother vip. In addition, the behavior of the latter, in the opinion of many, is really unsuccessful. There are many slip From this edition of the program e There are several embarrassing episodes Which, sure, he could avoid. Many even criticized him for making jokes about the poor competitor Geocas CasillaWhich is considered bad taste and inappropriate.

To the long list, however, there is also a file very modern episode. During the last episode that aired, the band leader greeted everyone present but started in a completely inappropriate manner. After various compliments, she directed her to the two gifs Humiliate women without shame Without any valid reason. In fact, the web didn’t appreciate him at all Intervention against Marine I found it completely disrespectful.

What did Alfonso Signorini say to Ileria Marini in the last episode of GF Vip?

Inside Big Brother’s house there are many competitors of all ages, the youngest of which is Vippona Sophie Codejoniwho started her career in the entertainment world only a few years ago. Unlike him, there are competitors they have now Years and years of experience behind them In the spotlight, one of them Valeria Marini. You’ve been on countless TV shows and this is definitely not the first time you’ve ever set foot home.

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Loved by all the audience in particular “Excellent” positionAlways ready to support and comfort others by blending in perfectly with their shoes.

Valeria Marini is upset
Valeria Marini at GF Vip

Women always have Smile printed on the face He faces every situation with elegance and professionalism, as he did last Friday. Alfonso Signorini, after that Clearly expressed your appreciation Toward Jevina Sophie, he turned to Marini, noting one of her aesthetic flaws in her opinion.

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“Valeria, my love, I recommend you install the lights because it does not do you justice. You understand? TheOr tell you this I see you understand

These are the words of Alfonso, to which Givina immediately replied with a charming smile, saying: “They are not important, you are the light, we are”Pointing to his fellow travelers. However, the conductor increased the dose by humiliating him even more by saying:

“But if you tell me I’m the light, you don’t pay me a nice compliment, Valeria.”

The woman, greatly offended by the words of the conductor, simply responded by giving him a big smile and lowering her head, like a true professional.

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