Carlo Conti explains why he’s broadcasting

Carlo Conti explains why he’s broadcasting

on Rai UnoSeveral summer reruns are currently in the works, including one popular spin-off like any showtitled so and any, in which famous singers do not imitate. However, during its most recent weekend, an episode of it was revived Massimo Lopez imitative Maurice Costanzo.

Maria De Felipe could not be recognized at Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral. Social media reaction: “What happened to her?”

Maria de Felipe, a gesture at C’è Posta a few hours before Costanzo’s death that moved everyone

Marta Fluffy, that secret meeting with Maurizio Costanzo: “He wanted to see me”

Explained by Carlo Conte

This moment upset many fans, who considered it disrespectful after the sudden death of the popular journalist and TV presenter. However, it was Charles Conte himself to provide an explanation of the reason for this broadcast. Let’s find out what he said shortly before that episode aired.

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