Frank Carpentieri, the “Made in Sud” DJ, has died.

Frank Carpentieri, the “Made in Sud” DJ, has died.

Frank Carpentersknown as the DJ of Rai2 Made in the SouthFor which he composed the music. Carpentieri was 47 years old and had been ill for some time. Among his collaborations with Enzo Avitabile, Mamagrita, ClementineRocco Hunt And Subsonic.

Frank Carpenters He started playing in clubs when he was 18 years old, in 1995, collaborating with artists such as Jg Bros in Club Sea Wold and experimenting with musical experiments in Ibiza. He made friends with Rise Subordinate Mamigrita He performed at Velvet in 1998, a very famous venue in Naples.

His other television appearances include those on shows such as tribe On Rai2, musical contributions and lyrics of the theatrical show Zazzaraza At the Augusteo Theater in Naples. He also played a small role in The unjust princeStarring and directing Alessandro Ciani.

Today a special evening has been scheduled at the Celia Theater in Naples Frank Carpentieri: Brothers and Sisters, where the DJ was supposed to perform with many other artists and friends from the Naples music scene. The event has been canceled but will be rescheduled to be turned into an opportunity to honor Carpentieri’s memory.

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