Blanca, Season 1 returns on Rai 1, previews Sunday, June 4th

Blanca, Season 1 returns on Rai 1, previews Sunday, June 4th

Sunday, June 4, the novelist Blanca returns to Rai 1 with a replay of the first episode, entitled “Without Eyes”. Plot and previews of the series starring Maria Chiara Giannetta and Giuseppe Zino.

With the warm season approaching, the opinion Focus on adults Successes Nobody repeats drama Most popular in recent years. Tonight, Sunday, June 4thit will air in reruns opinion 1 The first season of Blanca. The series, in six episodes, features protagonists Maria JanitaAnd Joseph Zeno And Pierpaolo Spolone. Let’s discover a file plot and the progress The first episode is titled without eyes.

The only (so far) season of Blanca In First Vision aired between November and December 2021. It is based freely on homonyms a novel For the Neapolitan writer Patricia Rinaldi, Fantasy has achieved impressive results from a point of view I listen. Compelling enough to get one person green light the second season. filming white 2 It ended in May, so am I new episodes It can find a place in the fall rai schedule. The premise airs between September and October, but it’s all to be seen. In the directionas in the first chapter, there Jean-Maria Michelini and Michel Soave.

Blanca Ferrando is at the center of the narrative (Maria Chiara Janeta) is blind and works as a police consultant specialized in decoding audio files. In life and work, Blanca can rely on herself Linnaeus Dog Guide, an adorable female bulldog, and her cosmetic friend Stella. Then there’s our friend, cook Nanny.Pierpaolo Spolone) and the mysterious Inspector Liguori (Joseph Zeno): They both fall in love with the protagonist.

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Blanca, first episode show, Without Eyes

Blanca Ferrando He was assigned as an intern at the San Teodoro Police Station in Genoa andInspector Michele Liguori It helps her to blend in instantly. The first case of Genocide The protagonist is a girl who was found dead at the port and met the day before at the police station. there victim She wanted to file a complaint, but then ran away without giving reasons. At the time of the discovery, the woman had no eyes. Suspicion falls on the victim’s employer, who has been hired by the latter for an indefinite period since Adores Ha. It was also revealed that the young woman’s husband discovered that his wife was pregnant with another man…

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