Fabio Fazio leaves Rai: the new home will be Discovery. Also with him is Luciana Letizito

Fabio Fazio leaves Rai: the new home will be Discovery.  Also with him is Luciana Letizito

It is not easy to close a long chapter in one’s life: Fabio Fazio Rai is leaving, and the new home will be Discovery who will be linked to a four-year agreement. The future is on nine. with him Luciana Letizito and staff. The conductor waited, in Viale Mazzini they did not renew his contract, but his voice does not betray his feelings: “So it was.” No comments, just thanks to the company where it originated. “We are delighted to welcome a hero like Fabio Fazio,” he comments Alessandro Arimo, GM Italy & Iberia of Warner Bros. Discovery – and proud that one of the most important and influential faces of Italian television has chosen Warner Bros. Discovery and Canale Nove to continue his extraordinary career. Our commitment has always been to attract the best talent and the arrival of Fabio and Luciana in our group is the best possible confirmation.

A long farewell announced by Rai, with the new government that has changed everything in Viale Mazzini, and which has placed it in its sights. Even if someone assumes that behind the disagreement there may be a hand Matthew Salviniwho never hid his hatred for Fazio.

Matteo Salvini’s obsession with Fabio Fazio: a video flop

In 2020, the conductor gave vent: “I’ve suffered 123 attacks from him.”. At the rallies, the then Home Minister never missed an opportunity to bring it up. However, that contract is gone, ready to go, and the now-former Rai CEO has yet to sign it Carlo Fortes. “The political attitude towards me was not irrelevant,” he explained in an interview with Repubblica three years ago, on the occasion of his return to Rai 3, “but I am lucky enough to have a job that caters to the public, at the expense of people’s respect. It’s Rai’s 38th year in essence and maturity.”

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Salvini vs Fazio: “I win as much as I do in a year in a month”


Fazio was born in Savona, Class of 1964, and starts with tradition. He loves TV, curious, very determined, ambitious and always committed. He innovates with his team. “I come from Savona,” he said, “Rome was inaccessible from a cultural point of view.” “It was like going abroad. I put a lot of effort into it, but I was so lucky to have those meetings. Sals gave me great car rides to the airport, and I had no money. I never understood why Ray wouldn’t make up for the taxis. The TV was a phrase.” For a blank sheet of paper in the hour of children’s drawing, and you had all the colors invented.”

Fazio with Luciana Letizito at the 2014 Sanremo Film Festival

Essential encounters on Rai 3: Professor Rossini then arrives Angelo Guglielmi Which activates the third network that Fazio has reached Mario Colangeli. Bruno FoglinoHe’s a great talent scout, is his mentor, and is one of the many parents he’s with Gedo priest And Antonello Falcke. “I tell stories as if I were from Mars when I was on the radio black out (1982) with the priest, Luciano SalesAnd Henry FaimAnd Simon Marchini. Thanks to them, I got a master’s degree in taste and language.

Liliana Segre from “Che tempo che fa”: “The new government? I have no prejudices, I will be a quiet spectator”

He made his love of TV and public service well known in that long chat in the summer of 2020: “No, I never say ‘ray’. To me, it’s not a company, opinion is part of my genetics. I remember the first time I saw Gianni Boncompagne On Via Teulada, the heart was pounding when I met Renzo Arbor. I was working with Loretta Jogi and the Kara And my friends ask me to bring autographs. great story. To have experienced it as a professional, and pretty much as a general, is a privilege.”

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From Fazio to Damilano, in Rai star is in danger of being purged. Amadeus “half”

by Silvia Fumarola

Then the relationship cracks: the compensation argument, the politics. “Ray is the sum of the executives you work with, the artists. If you play a little game, nothing happens, and if you’re a target for Home Secretary the role becomes another. Fortunately, I remember the people who taught me the most: DulbecAnd PavarottiAnd MoreconAnd Camilleri. I will never forget having lunch in San Remo with Juliet Churchformer director of Rai Mario MafucciAnd Gorbachev And Mrs. Raisa.”

Young Fabio Fazio in “Quelli che il calcio”

Year after year, since then Those who football to spiritualto San Remo FestivalIn cooperation with Roberto SavianoOn memorial day evening with senator Liliana SegreyFazio brings his idea of ​​television. then what’s the weather like, which the new administration wished to overturn: just entertainment, no more political guests, no more discussion of current events. It’s impossible to take a step back, “At about 59, I’ve traveled my way,” he said a while ago. Proud of the meetings held at the Elysee with the President MacronThen the interview with Pope Francesco.

Pope Francis tells Fabio Fazio: “When I was a child? I wanted to be a butcher.”

Hard to do just for show, for those who, in the space reserved for journalists, prof what’s the weather likeSpeaking on Rai 3 with increasing ratings, he discussed what was happening in Italy. Immigration, war, political choices. In January, on the eve of preparation Track 21He has told of his satisfaction with his work on television, and new energies have also been expended as an entrepreneur, at the Lavoratti chocolate factory in Varazze, which he has taken over with Davide Petrini.

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He has categorized the programs that have marked his career and growth:Those who football It was the turning point in my life. The first Sanremo Festival, in 1999, as scheduled, is an unrepeatable emotion. Then the evening dedicated to Falcone and Borsellino, as well as the evening to celebrate April 25th ». But in Viale Mazzini they also made war on it. “Obviously it didn’t make sense for me to be in Rai 1. The general manager has changed, obedience has prevailed. Past waters are part of life. Now I’m back to basics, I’m fine.” In October he was going to celebrate Ray’s fortieth birthday. Collaboration ends abruptly. A new chapter opens, at nine, where he’ll come up with his entire collection Luciana Letizito under. new beginning.

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