Maria De Felipe, Unpublished Confession: “Two Cortisone Injections”

Maria De Felipe, Unpublished Confession: “Two Cortisone Injections”

Maria Devilipi He admits and does during Amici’s special broadcast yesterday afternoon on the Canale Cinque instead of Men and Women. During this unusual talent show school date, viewers noticed something strange. A very long conversation between Maria de Felipe and her pupil Isobel. The girl spoke to the presenter about her private life and above all she also talked about her passion for cooking and good food.

Struck by these feelings, Maria asks Isobel to taste one of her favorite dishes, or rather, one of the voracious temptations that she absolutely cannot resist. And it was Isobel who suggested Maria taste strawberry jam.

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But Maria immediately stopped her: “Years ago I ate two bowls of strawberries every night and one morning I woke up with huge lips. I had to give myself a cortisone shot,” Malaka said before adding that for the time being she doesn’t eat strawberries anymore, an admission. He greatly influenced the opponent, who, however, understood the needs of De Felipe.

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