Who is the girl from Treviso who enters the house?

Who is the girl from Treviso who enters the house?

Giselda Torresan is one of the not-so-famous contestants on Big Brother Vip, the reality show that premieres September 11th on Mediaset. She is 33 years old and lives in Málaga on Monte Grappa, where she takes care of the animals and the house. She is an environmental influencer and has gained over 120,000 followers on Instagram through her selfies taken along trails and panoramic mountain scenery. He loves nature, traditions, cooking and photography.

Who is Giselda Torresan?

Giselda Torresan was born in Asolo on June 18, 1990. She studied at the Leonardo da Vinci Scientific High School in Treviso and graduated in Environmental Sciences at the University of Padua. She worked as a laborer in an electronic component factory until 2019, when she decided to devote herself to her passions in the mountains and photography. Giselda lives in Málaga on Monte Grappa, where she takes care of the animals and maintains the temple. El Malaga has been in her family for four generations and the young woman is very attached to her.

“It is the place where I grew up, where I learned to know and love nature, and spent unforgettable moments with my grandparents,” she said. Giselda loves solo trips along the trails of Montegrappa and the surrounding mountains. He always carries his cell phone and a tripod with him to take selfies and then post them on his Instagram profile [@giseldatorresan]. His shots show his natural and spontaneous beauty, but also the charm of the mountainous landscapes he loves to explore.

Giselda has more than 120k followers who appreciate her simple and authentic lifestyle. It defines itself as an environmental influencer and aims to promote Monte Grappa and its natural beauty. “I want to introduce this region, its history, culture and biodiversity. “I want to educate people about respecting and protecting the environment, and practicing sustainable and responsible tourism.” The girl also has a passion for traditional cuisine and loves to prepare dishes typical of the region, such as polenta, cheese, cured meats, mushrooms and wild herbs. She often shares her recipes on social networks and invites her followers to try the flavors of the mountains.

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Giselda in Granzotto bivouac

Why did you choose to participate in the BIG BROTHER VIP?

Giselda agreed to participate in Big Brother Vip as a non-celebrity competitor, but with a great personality. “I am curious to live this experience, to confront myself with people who are different from me, and to put myself on the line. “I hope to bring some freshness and joy to the house.” She knows that entering the Big Brother Vip house will be a difficult challenge for her, as she is used to being in the middle of nature and in solitude. He’ll have to adjust to living with other more or less famous rivals, follow the rules imposed by Big Brother, and endure the nominations, trials, surprises, and unexpected events that characterize reality TV.

Giselda in Bossagno

An influencer in Treviso expects to find difficulties, but also opportunities. “I think it will be an opportunity to grow, discover new sides of myself, have fun and maybe even fall in love. I am not afraid to participate, express my opinions, and stand up for my values. I am honest, loyal, sunny and positive. I believe I can do something good for others and get it in return. Giselda Turesan will certainly be one of the protagonists of the new version of the reality show, which promises to be full of surprises and twists.

A beautiful picture of a 33-year-old young man

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