Why Fabio Fazio went to Discovery and who will replace him at Rai3

Why Fabio Fazio went to Discovery and who will replace him at Rai3

Fabio Fazio’s pass what’s the weather like The discovery will not be easy for Ray. The presenter brings in an average audience of 2.4 million viewers and a share of 11.8%. Channel 9 where you land today is Maurizio Cruz Network. It has one million one hundred thousand loyal viewers and a 5.6% share. And the audience, the logic of those experts in television, has now learned to bypass the first six buttons on the remote control. Those of Rai and Mediaset. From this point of view, the succession war was also born. Which focus today in particular on three names. Photo of Massimo Giletti, who just watched his broadcast on La7 closed by Urbano Cairo. That from Paolo Bonolis. And that Nicola Boru.


the Corriere della Sera Today explains that viale Mazzini will first have to decide if he wants to make a copy of what’s the weather like Or to change the table structure. The answer is not clear. Also because it intersects with other issues. First of all, the budget. The newspaper explains that Bonolis is nothing but a suggestion. Even if the bandleader tries to bring his talk show to Rai The meaning of life. But the biggest problem is the budget. Even if Fazio was accused for years of continuing to “get money from licensing fees” in reality, his broadcasts were paid off entirely by advertising. His successor would also find this sword of Damocles over his head. Instead, the premise of turning into an information program would lead Giletti to the fore.

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Who will replace Fazio?

But, as the newspaper writes, Mosul’s return to Rai is pending after he was heard by the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office as a witness in the investigation into the 1993 massacres. The other name is Nicola Boro. Which, however, seems destined for Rai2. Republic Instead, he made it clear that the issue of ratings and the difficulties facing channels other than Mediaset and Rai now seemed to be outweighed by the facts. The UEFA Champions League Milan-Inter semi-final on TV8 was watched by nearly 7.5 million viewers (33.1% share) giving the network the first place among the most watched programs on Wednesday. Instead, the Ray 1 match on May 11 with the Juventus-Seville match stopped at 3 million 771 thousand spectators (18% share).

Nine results

Finally, Alessandro Araimo, general manager of Warner Bros. Discovery in Italy and Iberia, told the newspaper that “the obligation has always been to attract the best talent”. And he has already announced that a four-year agreement with Fazio will allow the leader to develop new projects. Nove achieves its all-time peak-time record in 2023, averaging 2.1% (+22%).

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