You kill them every day

You kill them every day
Smartphone – technology passion

Technological progress has allowed many changes, which in one way or another have changed our quality of life dramatically.

Just think, for example, of the prevalence of broadband internet connectivity over the past 20 years, which has allowed for example the ever-growing widespread penetration of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and whoever has more.

In addition to these we remember in particular the introduction smart phones, which radically changed the way we understood the instant messaging system up to that time. We usually divide smartphones in a row into high-end devices, followed immediately by mid-range devices, even low-end ones.

However, what all these types of smartphones have in common is that we use them excessively nowadays, hitting hours and hours of use throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there is bad news in this regard, as it has been discovered that phones can actually be responsible for a real extermination of bees. In fact, according to what was recently announced by some scientists and biologists, the excessive and excessive consumption of smartphones at present can have a severe impact from an ecological point of view, affecting the survival and ecosystem of some animal species, such as bees and more.

The link behind the study

In this case, we will not be thinking about the cost of making the smartphones themselves (which in any case is a big problem, especially nowadays), but rather the radio waves that are emitted by the smartphones themselves, which nowadays are becoming more and more powerful and able to spread for miles. and miles. It will be precisely these sound waves that are responsible for the destruction of the bees, because they will lead to some disturbances in the direction of the animal itself.

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Hence, this justifies the gradual and (unfortunately) continuous disappearance of bees, which is more and more ever increasing, and will register and confirm the sad trend. It is clear at the moment that there are some assumptions that will then have to be confirmed by subsequent studies in this regard.

Smartphone 2 in the morning
The deadly smartphone for bees – the passion for technology

So we’ll just have to wait anxiously for more updates on this important issue, which we’re sure won’t be long in coming from scientists over the next few weeks or months.

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