Amber Heard goes bankrupt and sells a house: She doesn’t have the money to pay Johnny Depp (and the lawyers)

Amber Heard goes bankrupt and sells a house: She doesn’t have the money to pay Johnny Depp (and the lawyers)

bankruptcy. Amber Heard She allegedly declared that she was unable to pay $10 million in compensation to her ex-husband Johnny Deppas specified Exactly two months ago from court FairfaxAnd the in Virginiawho was considered an actress guilty of defamation against an actor Pirates of the Caribbean. more Actress has to pay very high fees, a multimillion-dollar talk is being conducted for his legal team. In short, the disastrous situation that led her to offer her home in Yucca Valley, California for sale.

The actress allegedly declared bankruptcy on July 20 (the conditionality is mandatory because, at the moment, there is no official confirmation) and filed an appeal with the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 21. A complicated situation, to say the least, Amber tries to deal with a series of pleas.

Everything is as expected

Immediately after the ruling, Heard’s lawyers explained:Amber Heard can’t payThey announced that they would appeal a series of anomalies that were found during the trial. Which happens regularly, but judge Benny Azkarat Reject all requests. At that point, Heard was re-launched by filing a new First Amendment appeal on freedom of speech. But Depp also decided to counterattack.

Deep counter movement

“The verdict speaks for itself and Mr. Depp believes this is a time for both sides to move forward with their lives and get on their feet – the representative’s legal team responded – but if Mrs. Heard is determined to continue all of this by appealing the First Amendment, Mr. Depp will file a simultaneous appeal To ensure that the appeals court hears the entire case and all relevant legal issues.” The former “pirate” filed a counter-suit requesting that the penalty of two million dollars that the star had to pay to his ex-wife be rescinded, on the words of one of his lawyers, Adam Waldmanwho described the woman’s allegations as a “scam”.

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Give up money for an appeal

A few days after the court’s victory, Ben Qiuone of the lawyers on the legal team who assisted the plaintiff in the six weeks of the trial speculated that Depp could forgo the money his ex-wife was ordered to pay: “We have to be careful what we say – his lawyer said – but from the start his reputation was on the line. It wasn’t about with money,” he told her cry Assuming a potential out-of-court settlement if a star Aquaman He gave up challenging him again on appeal and reopened the case. But this did not happen.

Huge amount of legal fees

According to some sources, the legal costs incurred by the ex-Johnny Depp immediately after the verdict amounted to about 3 million dollars, but there are those who go so far as to talk about vulnerability and beyond. And that’s not all: his insurance company reportedly appealed a clause in the contract and refused to contribute to the costs, and for this he opened a legal dispute with Heard.

House for sale

At this point, said Amber Heard, who according to New York Post He decided to have estimated assets between 1.5 and 2.5 million dollars His house in Yucca Valley is for sale, in California. The actress bought it only three years ago for 570 thousand dollars, and today the property can be purchased (assuming you found a buyer, for more than a million dollars, which guarantees her a huge profit).

Amber Heard House in Yucca Valley

Amber Heard House in Yucca Valley

located in the desert MojaveThe house is located on a plot of approximately 2.5 hectares. Comprising of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it is the ideal place to enjoy the desert landscape. For any interested party: The modern kitchen consists of the latest appliances. The property features a surround sound system and a garage where up to three cars can be stored, plus wardrobes and bathrooms with advanced water temperature control systems.

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