Cristina, this is how she celebrated the divorce from Inaki Urdangarin, on a whim

Cristina, this is how she celebrated the divorce from Inaki Urdangarin, on a whim

operetta It is a salary increase absolute. Infanta Elena was the leader, Cristina followed in her footsteps and we will see how King Felipe VI's marriage with Letizia ends, after Jaime del Burgo touches her to death. Then we have the undocumented divorce of Joan Carles and Sofía, a model of cowardice and false interests. In short: although it is a taboo word, they know it well. And they celebrate it if necessary. Like that of Cristina and Iñaki UrdangarinWhich was delayed for two years due to difficult negotiations. Yes, the Basque was caught in the midst of infidelity with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, but he had aces up his sleeves and several outstanding results. He forced his way out of that toxic environment and family, trying to secure a golden future for himself. It's half-baked, or so the official story reveals.

A version in which there are no million-dollar payments for silence, no exorbitant monthly pensions and disappearing companions, which is one of the privileges Urdangarin would like to have. He also does not share ownership of Bidart's house, the scene of the family summer… and the ultimate betrayal. Iñaki's spoils are a variable pension that, according to some sources, will not exceed €3,000 per month. That's not bad, but it's not the nouveau riche life you've always dreamed of. Let it be what it isThere are more shades in this deal than anything else. Let them remember: With Joan Carles in the middle, there won't be much to do with the lights and the stenographer.

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Cristina and Inaki's divorce / Hello

Anyway, Christina He is happy. He freed himself from this death that had made his life impossible for so long. Ecstasy is painful, but inevitable. The sadness has already passed, now it's time to enjoy life. At this moment he feels some satisfaction: seeing that Einhua has already gotten first al front. His ex-wife has rented a love nest just a few feet from his mother's house. He will live with his mother-in-law, who left him alone for 24 months. It has little to no romantic movie. Of custom, harsh reality, and force. pilar air, Well connected to Christina's environment, she explains on her YouTube channel some ideas and secrets about The new life of divorcea. She is cheerful, radiant, enthusiastic. happy

Ayer: “Christina is having a great time“. I She celebrated the end of her failed marriage by visiting a beauty salon: “I think some has been done retoquito In his face because I also know the doctor he goes to. I think something has been done because I see it radiantvery small and with very juicy skin“. And fancyShe wants to look beautiful, young, and reborn. “He takes good care of himself, really loves sports and gets along well with his father. When I spoke to our mutual friend I asked her if she had seen it with her dear She told me that yes I could get it or that I already had it“It could be a joke or a statement of intent; but one thing is certain, she doesn’t want to become a copy of her other childish, divorced sister.”They are not the same kind of absolutes. Elena never knew a man Since his breakup with Marichalar. She lived a very indoor life, very familiar, very close to her friends, on the farms, in the hunt, very religious, very intimate. They will live a completely different lifeChristina's second awakening begins and we will see if she can escape 26 years of waiting.

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