Branko Tower today, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, detailed predictions for the day

Branko Tower today, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, detailed predictions for the day


The waning moon follows a call to take responsibility, a call to look at the world with new eyes, form new perspectives and let go of outdated notions. Freedom must go hand in hand with citizenship and respect for differences and the rights of others. Mars will meet Saturn and demands further planning. Opportunities can arise through friends, groups, organizations, and your ability to connect with the world. Good to find the experience of the elderly!


At the end of the lunar cycle, it is time to close and conclusions, to clarify the issues, to put the drops in is. When you’re done waiting, you can set goals for the next lunar eclipse that will begin on the eleventh. Venus continues in Aquarius, it is worth expanding the social network, talking, creating good contacts, interest in topics related to society. It’s a good idea to make time for gathering, too. You can also make use of the waning phase of the moon to meditate and visualize your projects in action.


Follows the Moon in Aquarius – a great time to connect with new intellectual currents. You are more connected with friends who share intellectual affinities with you. The climate should be one of freedom and independence. Conditions lowered, time to change and do it differently. A good time to learn about news, absorb new technologies, and update information and technologies. However, new learning must be introduced with more planning, strategy and productivity.


He follows the Moon in Aquarius and does positive things: It’s a good time to brainstorm and do something he never does. It is also worth talking with partners and co-workers to align interests and complement potential problems. You can overcome this urge to break away from routine. However, beware of impulsive decisions and purchases, try to control the pocket. This is not the time to overdo the excitement. When the moon is waning, be more mindful of the body to overcome physical and energetic limitations.

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The desire to move life grows. You can express ideas, study, publish your work, and promote meetings. Take the opportunity to do something different and unusual, which brings you a sense of freedom. But besides all this, it is important to end the old issues. The moon continues to be in the waning phase, which indicates the phase of closing, analysis and equilibrium. Try to contain irresponsible and immature impulses with more awareness and planning. From 1/05, with the new moon, new projects will arrive.


Do everything quickly, one thing at a time. Remember, slowly go away. With the waning moon, it is important to nurture more memories. Also try to respect freedom of thought when trading or exchanging information. You can also learn something new, look for inspiration through different programs and learning, and you can practice positive phrases and affirmations. In moments of relaxation you can have new ideas. It is worth noting them. New achievements can be activated by the new moon!


Independence and autonomy are important, but they must be combined with responsibility and maturity. It follows Venus in Aquarius, inspiring a desire to escape from routine. However, take care to avoid wasting and overcooking. It is good to control spending, excessive pleasures, and crazy adventures. Is there a commitment to partnerships? Take the opportunity to form a more accurate and responsible attitude. The period is perfect for reversals: What are the new goals for the new moon that will arrive?

The scorpion

A good time to expand your network of contacts. New perspectives, original ideas, unusual situations and programs different from the usual are on the agenda. Try to adapt, adjust everything around you, give the most responsible side of you. Reliability and professionalism are highlighted. It’s good to control anxiety and make commitments, but without overburdening yourself and others. Trust your intuition about the initiatives and movements you should promote.

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I wish you a good week to make changes at home or at work, make changes and adjustments. Count on more inspiration, but it’s a good idea to measure your expectations. This is the time when you test your comedy, how thoughtful you are, and your maturity. With the Moon in its waning phase, take the opportunity to clarify and finalize what is possible, while still taking moments to reflect. The phase is ideal for favoring the balance of the last period so that you can plan the movements of the next lunar cycle that will arrive on 4/1.


The period is one of the conclusions and analyzes on the waning shaft of the moon. You can make room for alternative solutions, learning and new possibilities. Cutting-edge technologies and thinking are gaining importance. Try to respect freedom while aligning common ground in your relationships. You should win only if you know how to respect the point of view of others and accept the other as he is, without accusations. Take advantage of the week to organize yourself better, both in joint ventures and in finance.


Activities that bring pleasure and stimulate creativity benefit. It’s good to stay away from anything that brings you a sense of self-control and captivity. But all this with great maturity, without losing sight of the commitments that have been made. It’s time to finish, in an atmosphere of determination and greater responsibility. Something extraordinary is worth planning, but now is not the time to impose situations, it is about letting life flow. Invest in harmony in your relationships. What will be the next goals for the new moon on 4/1?

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The moon continues to be in its waning phase, and this period is memory, intuition, inspiration and intuition. Take the opportunity to organize and plan work, talk to whoever it takes to complete the backlog, and do one task at a time. Invest in self-knowledge, too. Jupiter and Neptune will meet in your sign, take the opportunity to connect with your spiritual purpose, your spiritual mission. Refining initiatives in the name of progress, love and conscience. If you do, then everything else – finances, love, family, work – can flow better.

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