October 3, 2022

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Sylvester Stallone, his wife files for divorce after 25 years

Former Model and Entrepreneur Jennifer Flavinwife Sylvester StalloneShe filed for divorce from the star known all over the world especially for roles rocky And the Rambo After 25 years of marriage. Report it Tmz. Flavin, 54, filed the application in a court in Palm Beach County, Florida. Their relationship has lasted since 1988 and they have been married since 1997. The couple She has three daughters: Scarlett, 20, Cystein, 24, and Sophia, 25.

Stallone is also the father of Sergio, born of marriage Sasha Zack While his eldest son, Sage, was born from union with Starlin Wrightdied in 2012.

magazine People He says that only three months ago Stallone posted Instagram photo of the couple hitting a horse. This position was a dedication to 25 years of marriage. While on August 10, the former model, also on social media, posted a snapshot of her three daughters hugging. “These girls – as he said in the post – are my priority. Nothing else matters. The four of us are forever.”

Stallone changes tattoos, his dog instead of his wife

“The marriage was irreversibly broken,” Stallone “is committed to willful squandering, depleting and wasting marital assets, negatively affecting economic assets,” he reads documents from which Flavin’s claim for compensation appears. It also demands that her husband be prevented from “selling, transferring, conceding, mortgaging or dissipating property while the case is being considered.” A few days ago the 76-year-old actor The tattoo was covered With his wife’s face with a muzzle botkos, his bull dog has also appeared in films rocky (pin).

Stallion in the movie Rambo

Stallion in the movie Rambo

Jennifer Flavin 19 years ago the model and in 1988 know cunning At a restaurant in Beverly Hills. After about six years of relationship, in March 1994 he left her a long letter. In the same year, she launched into entrepreneurship, founding a cosmetics company with some partners Serious skin care. In 1995, she reconciled with Stallone, whom she married in a civil ceremony on May 17, 1997 in London, and in Oxford with a religious ceremony.

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