Simona Izzo in the storm for a photo of Luca Argentero. ‘bad taste’

Simona Izzo in the storm for a photo of Luca Argentero.  ‘bad taste’

It did not go unnoticed and caused an uproar and indignation at Simona Ezo’s “Operation Nostalgia” Who flicked a photo of Luca Argentero and his ex-wife Miriam Catania (Izo’s nephew) from the memory drawer on their wedding day. With a lot of white robe and priest.

Divorced in 2016 – A very beautiful shot, for heaven’s sake, but certainly not appropriate given that the couple separated in 2016 and since then many things have changed: Luca Argentero did not marry again with another classmate, Cristina Marino, who is known on the set, but from their love even a daughter was born By: Nina Speranza, who turned two just a few days ago. In short, reviving the past has been a misplaced step since Myriam Catania rebuilds her life.

controversy – In social networks, in fact, there can only be a buzz. Someone writes “The times were. I don’t understand the meaning of this picture.” Others echo “in bad taste. Among other things, they have families and children.” However, many define the shot as “out of place”, while someone resorts to asking a question to the author of that gesture. “Sorry Simona, this photo doesn’t make sense, it’s a disrespect for the couple’s current partners who were like that. Also because they both suffered a breakup.” In short, lightness is a dear cost to the poor aunt, in the guise of nostalgia.

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