“I'm very excited, I used to watch the Oscars every year as a kid and I still do” – La Mañana

“I'm very excited, I used to watch the Oscars every year as a kid and I still do” – La Mañana

“La sociedad de la nieve” director JA Bayona highlighted the excitement of the two nominations for Best International Picture and Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 96th Academy Awards, which were announced on Tuesday. Speaking to ACN, he recalls that as a child he used to watch the Hollywood Awards every year, which he still does. The director celebrated going to the Oscars “party” with “La sociedad de la nieve” which gave them a lot of happiness. “I haven't dealt much with being at the Oscars. Whether I win or lose, it's a bit difficult to process what I've been through,” Baiona admitted this afternoon in Barcelona, ​​a few hours after the nominees were announced. Announce.

Bayona confirms that they are very happy with the Oscar nominations. He points out that the competition in the international film category is very strong, as there are the best films from all over the world. In fact, for “La sociedad de la nieve” to take the statuette for Best International Film, it has to beat out Matteo Garrone’s “Yo capitán”; “Perfect Days” by Wim Wenders; “Area of ​​Interest,” by Jonathan Glazer; And “Teachers’ Room” by İlker Çatak.

“We are very happy for the whole team, for the Spanish film industry that has chosen us, and for the friends from Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. It is a very special film with a very great team and we are all very happy.” The director pointed out that when a film is made in a language other than English it is very difficult to attract attention.

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The director also highlighted the nomination for best makeup and hairstyling. “They did an exceptional job. There were several actors who had very difficult continuity.” Bayona noted that the makeup work won awards at the European Film Awards.

When he was young, Bayona associated with that “kid who watched the Oscars every year” and he still does and has a good time. “I'm so excited to be part of the party” and to do so, “with this movie that gives us so much joy, and this is another movie.” The director stressed that the film represents a global phenomenon, “breaking records” on the Netflix platform, and “the audience is excited.”

The film's director pointed out that this film “talks about how we are abandoned and we have to come together and offer others to continue on our path, and this resonates a lot in the world we live in, especially for people.” young man”.

“Robot dreams”

Regarding the nomination of the movie “Robot Dreams” at the Oscars, Bayona confirmed that they are very happy. “When you go to these big events with all the Hollywood people, you always feel out of context, and going with Pablo Berger makes me very excited. We will have a lot of company.”

to celebrate

Bayona and part of the film team will celebrate the nominations on Tuesday at 9.40pm in one of the rooms of Cinemes Bosque.

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