January 31, 2023

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Acute hepatitis not known to affect children, myocarditis in young adults. answers from science?

Seventeen (about 10%) of 169 children with acute hepatitis of unknown origin in 12 countries worldwide underwent liver transplantation and at least one death was reported. This is the first report as of April 21 prepared by the World Health Organization in an update.

Yesterday, a 15-month-old girl with “unknown hepatitis” was hospitalized in the Pediatric Department of Pescara Hospital “with fever and upper bronchitis”.
Another 8-month-old girl was admitted to the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, with a suspected case of acute idiopathic hepatitis. The little one is in good general condition. This is the second case of mysterious hepatitis in Lazio, after the one that appeared on April 23.

The Italian Federation of Pediatricians gave Fimp “immediate availability” to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza To activate a “monitoring network on the national territory of hepatitis cases that should occur”.

But Celeri is sure that “it has nothing to do with Covid or a vaccine.” How many certainties!

Let’s close the new hepatitis chapter. never sudden death That the news keeps reporting on a lot of healthy young people who have been vaccinated with mRNA? It is said that there is no “correlation”, but no one explains why this happens. How many young people would still have to die before vaccination was suspended? Many ask him, including Paulo Picchi with a tweet.

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