Mona behind the farewell sad background: The historical singer couldn’t do anything else

Mona behind the farewell sad background: The historical singer couldn’t do anything else

For many years now the singer has completely disappeared from the spotlight. We haven’t seen Mina participate in TV shows since then. But what is the reason for this choice? Here’s the whole truth

Last public appearance The history of the singer dates back to 44 years. From that moment on, from that famous concert in which it was held Viareggio, total darkness. Mina was one of the most loved and appreciated singers by the public.

Always highly acclaimed and followed, there came a moment in her life when she chose to Completely withdraw from the scene.

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Mona in his career Fantastic careerShe was not only loved by the public for her one item But it has also been the subject of constant contention by the main parties record companies adult parishioners.

Face well known on tvOne Presenter, a Singer But also one of the scriptwriters who have a file Huge success. Millions of Italians fell in love with her songs but suddenly the singer decided so Leave the scenes It completely disappeared from the radar. Even today, although many years have passed, there are many people wondering What was the reason? Who made the singer this choice.

The truth after years of question marks

The Mona’s farewell hypothesis They were different and sometimes even Surrealism. The truth was revealed by reporting what Yeslife wrote. In fact, this seems to be true the reason who decided the singer Withdraw from the scene of the accident closely related to you Health status.

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On August 2, 1978, the singer was infected with a severe viral bronchopneumonia. This disease causes them serious problemsuntil you become one chronic disease. a long recovery period.

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Although the singer recovered with great difficulty, she chose to Withdraws Completely from the scene so you don’t have to Getting into this problem again And never find yourself facing it again difficult period that marked his life.

Since then, public releases have been completely limited. We haven’t seen any other appearances Meena In TV studios. The singer was limited to seeing her in recording studios.

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