Fiorello returns with VivaRai2: “Tg1 was right about everything but the phone call was enough. The press release with a very ugly ‘scar’ was not nice”

Fiorello returns with VivaRai2: “Tg1 was right about everything but the phone call was enough. The press release with a very ugly ‘scar’ was not nice”

All ready for a new show from Fiorello Long Live Ray 2 which will start from Monday 5th December for 115 episodes (six months) from Monday to Friday at 7.15 episodes on Rai2 and RaiPlay and also in reruns on Rai1 in the late evening at the weekend. back to the first rai network, After, after Controversies raised by Cdr for Tg1due to space issues, which led to the morning show being moved to Rai2. “I understand Tg1 journalists and I understand defending one’s space. – explained Fiorello – I think the press release was inelegant. Otherwise, they were right about everything. Perhaps a phone call would have sufficed. Rather read from night to morning Those things written in there like this with the really bad word “scar.”. No, it was inelegant. But no problem we chose the same evening to switch channels. We also evaluated Rai5. There was no kidnapping or any problems.”

Presentation press conference “Long live Rai2!With the volcanic Fiorello, along with the adventurous companion Fabrizio Biggio (ex Soliti idioti) and all the cast of the show at Via Asiago 10, where the program will take place. There will also be a ballet (“they will dance in the street, but perhaps also on the balconies”), many musical moments curated by Maestro Enrico Cremonesi with rapper Daniele Lazzarin aka Dante, choreographer Luca Tommasini and web star Gabriele Fagnato as ES. To complete the cast there will be Ruggero Del Vecchio, “adult” audience voice, retired with a passion for singing, musician Serena Ionta, who will accompany with harp some moments of the show and singer Beatriz de Dominicis .

After the initial salutations, Fiorello and Biggio, aboard their Vespa and followed by the cameras, went to the press conference in Viale Mazzini. But at the beginning the time of shooting in front of the horse in Viale Mazzini: “At 62, not even plastic surgery! “Fiorello sets to the laughter of the paparazzi. At the heart of the program are the news and facts that happened and those that will happen, commenting on them in a sarcastic and caustic manner in the name of lightness. An appointment that anticipates and re-introduces topics that will be discussed throughout the day.

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We won’t look anyone in the face. “We touched everything.”Waiting for Viva Rai2′ Fiorello said, We don’t look at anyone. without malice and do not escape any controversy. We like disagreements when they are healthy and constructive. This is why we don’t see anyone on the right, left, or center.” Among the guests announced is Fiorello Amadeus on the first episode of December 5and mayor Robert Gualtieri To the second episode to talk about Rome. Share Expectations: “But Don’t expect anything – KEEP THE OFFER – Let’s start at 1%, then if we get to 4% become General Manager Bye Forties! But then can I say? At Rai2 we are all beautiful: me, Di Martino, D’Amico and Perego with Ventura and Milo Infante”.

“It takes time for a show like this” – “Edicola Fiore was born in 2010 when I discovered the camera smartphone. I’mFlower newsstand I’ve always done it, even without doing it. Unfortunately, I get up very early in the morning and comment about the day’s events with my friends at the bar. With the mobile phone and camera in my hands, I photographed everything. I used to post five minutes of what I filmed on YouTube because I never really liked Facebook. Then Twitter came along and we streamed on Twitter. “Biggest show after the weekend This was the first show to have a Twitter hashtag. So I experimented on social media and then on Sky. So we did thenews booth for two seasons. The challenge now is “can this work on the specialist?”. We can’t know. So we have to look for a way to work on the specialist as well. We’ve been experimenting with RaiPlay on Instagram for these weeks. I think it really takes time. I believe Long live Rai2!‘ he is An alternative in the hour of information. There is Tg1, there is Tg5 which is very fast and A7. It’s a choice the viewer will make.”

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“In San Remo we will send an envoy, I will not be there” – Amadeus will be there for the first episode on December 5th. The day before he announces his list of big names for the festival, I’ll probably give it to you now to guide you forward (laughs, ed.). But thePeople think I know everything about San RemoThere are people sending me pieces to make them listen to Amadeus. However, it will come down to the first episode, and there are 45 minutes into the show. There’s the ballet company and maybe we’ll see them dancing across Asiago. It is impossible for me to go to Sanremo with that commitment Also because episodes have to be prepared, even over the weekend. I’ll be there in Sanremo one way or another. We’ll send Vagnato onto the field and we’ll do things, and there will also be my face on a screen on the streets of Sanremo. For a person doing this job, 3 Sanremos in a row is not done.”

“Two years without social, hate strikes” – “It was a deliberate choice to go without social networks for two years. I woke up worried about having to say something about the topic of the day. Then I thought why would I have to say how I feel about this thing. When you’re on social media and you’re a public figure, you wake up in the morning.” With “bonjour” and you start saying something right away. Then even when you ate something, you had to show it. So I thought I wanted to go back and say enough about pursuing the future. The feeling I had when I disconnected from social media was Same as when I quit smoking. Then eventually we talk about the haters “but yeah, who cares,” we say to each other. But then our ego takes over, we’re all like that. We tend to see the comments hoping to read the compliments. Then when you get insulted , you feel terrible about it. It is not true that they are not affected because then you are ill . But who did this insult to you? Which is? you do not know him? You don’t even know who he is. I thought to myself why? two years without. Fabulous. I lived, watched, and watched the news. its enough”.

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After Ischia, we realize that Italy needs reform. Fiorello also devoted a theme to the tragedy of Ischia. “I spoke on RaiPlay of a certain hypocrisy in doing what happens after a tragedy. Like, after Ischia, all Italians are probably more or less tired of hearing the same phrases now said, as if in script, when misfortunes happen: ‘It could have been avoided’ ‘It’s a mistake’… One thing about all institutions following one another and things don’t change, we have an unhealthy area of ​​bridges crumbling in Ischia and it has to be considered as a bit of everything. These things don’t get done after tragedy. Money is given and then forgotten. Now we understand that the whole of Italy needs reform We citizens also have to do our part and follow the rules. We all have to do that.”

FUORTES: “FIORELLO IS A PUBLIC SERVICE” – Ray CEO Carlo Fortes He welcomed the showman’s return to Rai with words of appreciation: “This program with Fiorello was a little dream, very important for Rai, A daily date with the best and most important Italian show artist. I hadn’t thought of doing a morning show, I was thinking of something different, but he was determined to do it. I get this because: I think it’s an extraordinary gift to start the day with a smile: I think it’s really a public service. It is a public service.”

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