Harry, The Cruel Picture Of The New Book Bomb. Meghan Markle saved him

Harry, The Cruel Picture Of The New Book Bomb.  Meghan Markle saved him

Harry It doesn’t come out well from a new scandal book about him. The prince is described as a “wild boy”, as a potential “old man”. punkHad it not been for the arrival of Meghan Markle. On the one hand, debauchery ended with her, but on the other hand, serious problems with the royal family began.

Harry’s new scandal book

Since they returned to California after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, there has been a lot of talk about Harry and Meghan Markle and their fate in court, Between DNA tests and Carlo’s threats. To make matters worse, the new Valentine Low book edition, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crownwhich gives a disturbing picture of Sussex, but especially to Harry.

It was precisely from this book that doubts about the lineage of the prince from the king arose again, because a letter from Diana to her lover, James Hewitt, was published here, where it was revealed that he was Harry’s biological father. But the scandals are not over yet.

Harry, wasteful

The Low traces the period of adolescence and youth Duke of Sussex. At the time, he was always at the center of gossip for his stunts, like when he was photographed dressed as a Nazi, or when he was photographed nude during a party in Las Vegas. The author argues that Harry was on his way to becoming a “wasteful old man” and that perhaps he would become the protagonist of more embarrassing and dangerous scandals. And the thought immediately goes to Prince Andrew.

Harry, Meghan Markle saved him

But Harry’s lifeline came, and her name is Meghan Markle. In Valentine Law’s book, the former actress plays a positive regarding her husband who is a real problem. The author, for example, collected testimonies among the staff who worked with the prince, revealing that he was obsessed with tests of loyalty, that he was oppressive and continued to test his aides if they were loyal or if they were ready to betray him. Mad about the media That Harry will develop well before Meghan enters his life.

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Markle will have beneficial effect On the second son of Carlo and Diana who finally find support for her. Meg is the only person you blindly trust and the one who fights their battles together. Then I made him position his head correctly, no more stunts, and no more questionable situations that put him in a bad light. Harry with her I’ve become soberis in love with his wife and a loving father to his sons Archie and Lillibet.

Harry, the price he paid for Meghan Markle

However, there is a downside. The partnership with Megan, which made him less compliant with court protocols and traditions, caused Harry to clash with his family. The Sussex family did not exist to have a secondary and functional role for William and Kate Middleton within the monarchy. They wanted to be able to do their own thing, and make the decision without consulting with Palazzo, a situation that could not work out and led to the final interruption.

Even if Carlo, according to sources close to him, intends to find a solution to restore relations with his son, rapprochement seems impossible at the moment. Although the Sussexes seem to be working toward reconciliation, it’s clear at least, they postponed the release of the bombshell series on Netflix in which they promised to tell the background to make the crown tremble, especially now that Carlo is wearing it.

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