Biagio has been eliminated, the story with Mirjana must be interrupted

The episode begins with Alfonso introducing the commentators and announcing the evening’s themes. He then contacts Kabir Bedi, a new competitor who is currently in the hotel for a quarantine before entering the house next Monday.

We then move on to the Christmas Days summary with a clip highlighting the highlights. Moments of joy, moments of passion, especially for gifts that came to Vippos from loved ones. But also some quarrels and a few moments of depression. As happened to Katya.

katia crisis – Ricciarelli lived on Christmas Day differently from the others. When she saw the joy of others for her family, grief and remorse attacked her, who sacrificed her own life for the sake of her career.

The fight between Valeria and Nathalie For some, the spirit of Christmas is already a memory. Valeria and Natalie were heroes in a very heated quarrel. There is a clear rivalry between the two. The last spark struck for those who had to go to the bathroom first. Big words flew in and tones became hot.

Alex raised – Tonight Alex Bailey isn’t in the studio but he’s calling from home. Monday morning he wrote something on social media that Alfonso wants back. An Instagram post talking about the downside. A post says the least ambiguous and Signorini asks Giucas to explain it. In fact, it’s the kind of message addressed to Sulli that he says he’s dealt with several times… The mystery is still unsolved anyway.

Christmas in Katia – Alfonso invites Ricciarelli to go to the podium, and tells her that her birthday is now coming. She does not know what awaits her: she goes out and finds a box with a gift inside. They are rubber toys for Ciuffy, her adorable little dog who joins her and fills the party.

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Jessica and Sophie compete for Alessandro – We proceed to examine the dangerous triangle created between the two girls and Paciano. Both Jessica and Sophie have an interest in the boy, Selassie is especially upset by the fact that Sophie, whom she considers her friend, did not say anything. Codegoni insists it’s just friendship but the truth is that she and Alessandro are spending more and more time together and their relationship has also become quite physical. Sophie explains that she feels very attracted and experiences this with great enthusiasm. She loves Alessandro and wants to fully experience these feelings. Meanwhile, Jessica says she is calm and has given up thoughts about Paciano.

Unleash the rhythm of Abba – The first Christmas parade was organized: The first group of Vipponi led by Carmen performed a choreography on “Mamma mia” by the Swedish band and it must be said that the number compared to many people in the past was particularly successful.

deterioration war – During the week, Manila’s obstinacy in kitchen shifts aroused various indignation: Valeria and Federica argued with Nazzaro. But Lulu also ended up in Manila’s eyes, always with an excuse ready to skip his role, he says. Katya adds that there is a lack of hygiene in the house. Meanwhile, Alfonso showed a post from Clarissa accusing Manila of being very wrong. A discussion erupts between the two: Clarissa accuses her of always talking badly about everyone and of being the most liar of all GfVip versions. A public discussion ensued and in the end Manila burst into tears.

Biagio and Mirjana, turbulent birthday The joke was given to Poor Giucas: he was invited to the podium to meet his little dog Nina, only to find himself in front of Ciuffy, Ricciarelli’s dog. But soon after, “Nina” arrived. We then turn to the relationship between Mirjana and Biagio, who on Christmas Days experienced a constant alternation of ups and downs, between misunderstandings and closeness and scenes of jealousy and reconciliation. At the end of the video, which ends with the unexpected line “It’ll mean Natalie will take her out,” D’Anelli stands up and invites anyone who feels threatened or wooed by him to come forward. Trevisan then gets to the center of the discussion, and Sonia also calls for her to be more mature and make her own decisions. But the two went out in public, as he publicly confirmed that he considers himself single because he is interested in Mirjana and she confirmed her interest and said that they had been kissing for two days.

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TV referee Turn off the TV, it’s time to open the envelope. The first to escape is Mirjana. On the other hand, Biagio has to leave the house … and therefore the newly formed couple will have to solve by force of circumstances …

Gioka and a big joke with my hand – Casilla is summoned to the Confession Center where he is offered Kabir with my Pedi, without being able to speak. Giucas first mistakes him for his friend Domenico, and then, thanks to a suggestion, gets acquainted with the actor whom he calls Cari Baby. Katya is also notified of a major entry but she and Jukas will have to keep a secret.

A special meeting for the Silesi sisters Jessica had a few moments of despair this week. He feels “useless”, and unlike Lulu, he hasn’t impressed the audience. She is afraid of not being seen or being loved. She and Lulu are sent to the love ship. Once inside they are frozen and joined by their brother Christian. The meeting expands with Clarissa and Manuel also invited to meet Lulu’s brother.

The appointment – The vaccinators this week are Katya, Lulu, Manila and Jessica. Adriana and Sonia give their immunity to Nathaly, Valeria & Giacomo, respectively. Vipponi is called superled for the obvious nominations. We start with Miriana who is called Barù. Gianmaria mentions Alessandro’s name while Barù takes another vote from Sophie. Manuel appoints Eva while Carmen gives Federica the first vote. David also mentions Eva’s name, while Federica mentions Alessandro’s name. Paro is called Mirjana, as well as Soleil. Alessandro appoints Eva while Grimaldi votes for Federica. Giucas is closed by voting for Barù.

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Secret Nominations – We turn to the sect. The first is Manila, who appointed Jucas. Lulu mentions David’s name. Valeria and Giacomo Alessandro ran, even if the choice was only for Marini. Katya appoints Federica. Natalie names David, and finally Jessica Alessandro. In the nomination goes like this Alessandro, Barrow, Eva and Federica.

Sun E Alex – There is time for a new confrontation between Soleil and Alex, connected by remote. Bailey says he wants to put an end to the controversy while Soleil reiterates that he and Delia can do without continuing to make their story amazing. Signorini Soleil asks: “Did it give you some feelings to talk to Alex again or can you do without it?” “I could easily have done without her,” Lapidari said.

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