The 8 TIM Deals are not to be missed during the holidays

The 8 TIM Deals are not to be missed during the holidays

Giga, smartphone, free 5G and exclusive TIM Party benefits for TIM customers

In this period, many are looking for gifts but also for favorable offers and benefits, TIM has many proposals for those who intend to save: for example, in this article we give you 8 useful tips.

1) Switch to TIM with your new smartphone for 3€ per month

Customers who switch to TIM can choose a new smartphone starting at €3 per month, in 30 installments.

Among the smartphone models that can be chosen through this offer, Samsung Galaxy A12S 120 GB (3 € per month), Xiaomi 11 Light 5G NE (5 € per month), Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G.

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2) Double the service at €0.99 per month

TIM customers can double their mobile phone gigabytes by adding just €0.99 per month.

The offer is valid for both new customers and for those who are already TIM customers, and relates to these offers:

– Super Giga

– TIM Super 4G;

– 5G Super TEAM;

– TIM Young 5G;

Junior team.

The option can be deactivated at any time.

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3) a hundred iga for 3 months at €19.99

For those who need to connect to Wi-Fi but without monthly restrictions – and browse how and when they want – this is the perfect proposal: a 100 GB internet card that can be used free for three months at €19.99.

After three months, the offer can be renewed with 20 GB for 9.99 euros per month.

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Those who also need the modem to insert the Internet card, TIM offers a TIM Wi-Fi 4G modem for 29.90 euros per month (instead of 49.90 euros per month, so you can save 20 euros per month).

And if you want a more performance modem, there is the TIM TIM Wi-Fi 4G Plus at 79.90 euros instead of 99.90.

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4) Try 5G for free

As we have already explained on these pages, 5G navigation is already available In different regions of the Italian territory For all 5G-enabled smartphones. With TIM you can try the fastest 5G network in Europe for one month for free. After that, the offer is renewed for only €5 per month, without activation costs.

the performance Up to 10 times higher than current over 4G. In fact, 5G download goes up to 2Gbps (and up to 700Mbps for download if it’s in 4/5G).

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5) Contest to win the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphone

for him TIME PARTY – Free platform for exclusive benefits reserved for TIM customers – The competition to win . has begun Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5GFlexible and resistant, the smartphone is of such a standard size that it folds so much that it can fit in a pocket.
Until December 29, all customers who are activated TIM Unica su You can enter the contest to win a Samsung Galaxy ZFlip3 5G.

To participate after subscribing to the offer TIM UNIQUEJust sign up or login TIME PARTY, then click on the banner for the contest.

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6) Unlimited number of gigs from December 29 to 31

Also on TIM Party, giga is unlimited for three days. The TIM Party promotion can only be activated from December 29 to 31, 2021.

>>> To find out more, Access to TIM Party for free

7) Party moments in TIM Party: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, beauty

It’s called “Party Moments” and it’s also an initiative TIME PARTY. This is a 2×1 special offer for entertainment: Half price advantage at restaurants, hotels, cinemas or when you want to make yourself beautiful. TIM customers can choose a feature from one of four thematic circles:

Restaurants: If you go for dinner in halves, half of the total is free (drinks not included);

the hotel: By booking a double room stay for two consecutive nights with bed and breakfast (breakfast included), one night is free of charge;

Cinema: Buy two tickets, the first is free;

BeautyFor each beauty treatment of your choice, by purchasing the first treatment, you can get another treatment equally free, or share your wellness experience with a companion by performing the same treatment together at one cost.

And at TIM Party, it’s possible to go back to the list of structures to choose from and save your ‘Favorites’ structures to keep in mind while you wait to try them out (or to be able to book them a second time if you particularly like them with them).

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>>> To find out more, Access to TIM Party for free

8) Discounts on Glovo

Finally, for those who order food at home by day GlovoAnd TIME PARTY Give 4 discount codes worth 2.50 €.

Until February 10, 2022, you can get up to 4 discount codes for free. Each code is valid until February 28th.

>>> To find out more, Access to TIM Party for free

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